HTC Vive Focus Review: Enter The Virtual World !

HTC Vive Focus

HTC Vive Focus



    VR Headset



      • Got a 6DoF VR Support
      • High-Resolution AMOLED Display
      • Water-Repellent Padding


      • Bit Costlier
      • Less Improved Viewing Experience

      Let’s enter into the world of technology with this gadget review from JustInReviews.

      We are going to talk about claimed to be the best virtual reality headset till date, having a six-degree-of-freedom (6DoF) support.

      • Look and Feel:

      The look and feel of the Focus is basically all that one anticipates. Contrasted with the original Vive, the Focus feels lighter which, blended with its rotational head strap in addition to a new pad (apparently made of leatherette; HTC wouldn’t affirm), offers additional solace while being worn. With the main tracking component being the double camera tracking module, the Focus has a recognizably cleaner look than its higher-end sibling.

      At the base of the main body, you’ll discover an interpupillary distance dial, an earphone jack and volume buttons, though the top end features only a micro-USB socket for recharging. The VR headset actually has built-in stereo speakers – they happen to be the slots right above where your ears would be positioned. They clearly aren’t known to be the best-sounding speakers, however they are boisterous and they carry out the job.

      It brandishes a bright blue finish and has a somewhat adjusted look to it. A fairly fundamental looking touch and movement tracking HTC Vive Controller additionally appears to be a piece of the Vive Touch package.


      • Display:

      HTC presently can’t seem to share points of interest on the Focus’ display; all that is known is that it’s a “high-resolution” AMOLED screen, and according to the users, the pixel density in this case was most likely somewhat higher than, if not the same as, the standard Vive VR Virtual Reality headset. In like manner with the field of view, so the general viewing encounter was fairly familiar.

      • Hardware:

      The Vive Focus comprises of all the hardware it requires to fuel the VR applications and games inside the headset itself. Key specs incorporate Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 chip, any semblance of which can be found in the Pixel 2 and Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphones, a high-resolution AMOLED screen and sensors that offer user tracking and their position in a virtual world.

      The top end features a clickable thumb trackpad, an application particular button in addition to a home button (hold down for three seconds to re-focus), while the volume rockers sit on the right end, and the trigger is at the typical tip region on the base side.

      • Price:

      Yet to be announced.

      • Pros:

      – Got a 6DoF VR support

      – 3DoF controller

      – Equipped with a water-repellent padding

      – High-resolution AMOLED display

      • Cons:

      – A bit on the costlier side

      – Overall viewing experience similar to the regular HTC virtual reality Vive headset.

      With things about the gadget slowly being revealed, we will surely come to know details like its price, how to use VR headset etc.

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