Huawei P20 Pro Review: The Phone With A 40 MP Camera!

Huawei P20 Pro

Huawei P20 Pro






      • Design
      • Waterproof
      • High End Camera


      • Lacks a Headphone Jack
      • Bottom Bezel is Thick

      Guess what? This smartphone review from JustInReviews, is dedicated to a smartphone having a whopping 40 mega-pixel camera! That’s true. It’s called the Huawei P20 Pro.

      Announced side by side the Huawei P20, the P20 Pro accompanies a substantially higher spec, that comprises of three cameras on the back that are expected to be a major piece of the marketing for this new device. In spite of the fact that to divert from its embracing the design now synonymous with Apple’s iPhone X, Huawei is emphasizing on the P20 Pro’s rear camera ability.

      • Screen and Design:

      The 6.2-inch in length OLED screen looks bright, brings on a FHD+ resolution and can be modified in various ways to alter the colour balance.

      Not everything is flawless though. Notch can be said to be the first thing. To start with, observed on the Essential Phone yet truly conveyed to the front line by Apple, this notch placed at the top of the screen appears attached here with an end goal to influence the handset to resemble the iPhone X. With a fingerprint sensor underneath the screen and the indent above, cannot be said to be the smartest of design solutions.



      The wallpapers appear identical to those utilized as a part of Apple’s marketing and there happens to be a screen temperature setting that functions particularly similar to Apple’s True Tone.

      The power button is placed on the right-hand edge of the gadget and the rear portion of the phone is plain in nature, aside from the branding decorated down the edge and the three cameras at the highest point of the handset.

      • Camera:

      The USP over here happens to be the camera. All things considered, it’s the 3 cameras that are placed vertically alongside the super-sparkly back of the device. This is the first occasion most of us would seen a handset with three rear placed cameras, and one can predict that Huawei will showcase the hellfire out of this one of a kind attribute.

      Huawei has manufactured various cameras with both a black and white and colour sensor working in sync to capture photographs with enhanced definition and depth, and in addition, that telephoto lens will likewise give you a chance to zoom with no compromise in picture quality.

      The RGB (colour) lens happens to be an astounding 40MP over here, and that works in tandem with a 20MP monochrome sensor. In case of your usual, normal automatic mode picture, it’ll blend the pictures from both the lenses.

      The number of megapixels can be said to just scratch the surface of what’s on offer with this camera, nonetheless. There happens to be a new colour temperature sensor for precisely identifying the light surrounding you, 5x hybrid zoom, and something Huawei terms as ‘Master Stabilization’, which makes use of the ‘AI’ features of the Kirin 970 to intelligently keep the camera in a steady state.

      • Memory:

      There’s just a solitary variant of the P20 Pro the world over, and it accompanies a colossal 6GB of RAM fueling the device in the background along with 128GB of storage, so you ought to have a lot of room for every one of your media and applications.

      • Battery:

      There exists a 4,000mAh battery within the P20 Pro, which ought to perform well, considering the device has a very much optimized chipset, so, one can be sure to take it to the extremes, when it is time for the complete review.

      Technology updates in terms of Huawei’s Super Charge quick charging technology is stuffed in here as well, so you have the capacity to charge your device rapidly as with past Huawei phones.

      • Software:

      Hosting the Android 8.1 Oreo software, yet it appears to be unique to what you’ll see on rest of the handsets as it is available in the form of Huawei’s proprietary Emotion UI 8.1.

      That is a certain overlay that accompanies a few additional features, including applications such as Huawei Share (which enables you to exchange data between your phone and PC effortlessly), yet in addition has a particular look that not every person adores. According to the handlers, the notification panel and the various preloaded apps are said to affect the experience.

      • Shades:

      Colour alternatives available are midnight blue and black for the standard design, while a ‘gradient’ finish on both the twilight and the pink gold alternatives. Huawei’s name for the finish, which demonstrates a range of hues relying upon what angle you’re taking a gander at the gadget from, along with the lighting.

      • Other features:

      Different from the Huawei P20, this model is waterproof, accompanies an IP67 rating. That implies it’ll sustain the occasional incidental dunk in the sink, yet Huawei has additionally given this as a reason for excluding the 3.5mm headphone jack.

      • Price and launch:

      As per resources, Huawei P20 Pro’s price in India is estimated to be Rs. 63,990. Huawei P20 Pro is expected to be launched in April, 2018.

      • For:

      – Powerful high end camera

      – Top end design

      – Waterproof

      • Against:

      – Lacks a headphone jack

      – Bottom bezel is thick

      – Limited colour options

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