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        • Fast Processor
        • Better Audio System
        • Excellent Display Graphics


        • Average Design

        Thinking of buying a HTC U11?

        Wouldn’t you like to know about this gadget from HTC ? Well, if yes, then here is your mobile review from JustInReviews.

        The U11 is HTC’s reply to Samsung’s apparently unconquerable Galaxy S8. In its urge to exceed the Galaxy, HTC has stacked the U11 with an armory of interesting components.


        HTC U11

        Salient features include:

        • Amazon Alexa support

        • Super-shiny appearance

        • “Edge Sense” squeeze controls

        • High resolution sound capabilities

        The 5.5-inch size quad-HD (2560 x 1440) resolution guarantees text and menu icons are consistently sharp; you’ll battle to recognize any individual pixels on the screen.

        The Super LCD 5 screen likewise offers nice colour temperature, with none of the RGB range looking excessively cool or too warm – in spite of the fact that they don’t look very dynamic in comparison to rival phones with similar panels.

        The fingerprint scanner is located in the U11’s front side home button and while not exactly as nippy as the Huawei P10 or P10 Plus’, it’s been reliably dependable while opening the phone.

        Similar to previous U-series gadgets, even the U11 doesn’t have an earphone jack. One comprehends the contention that USB-C holds the future and is going to be the new technology, and HTC has figured out how to resolve the issues related with not having a 3.5mm jack attachment by including a connector and a surprisingly decent match of in-ear USB-C “USonic” earphones. Anyways, the nonappearance is as yet a frustration.

        HTC has figured out how to pull off a canny trick, where the shade of the glass changes relying upon the edge from which you see it. For instance, the silver coloured switches between tones of silver and blue, while the black goes up against a greenish tint at specific angles.

        The fact that the U11 has been intended to meet IP67 certification benchmarks, will be a blessing for the clumsy handlers, and even implies that the smartphone will have the capacity to survive sudden submersions in fluids at depths of 1m and beneath for a duration of 30 minutes.

        The presence of a microSD card slot is likewise welcome, in spite of the fact that one can’t see anybody other than power handlers requiring it since the U11 as of now highlights either 64GB (tried) or 128GB of internal memory.

        Pro Factors:

        • Speedier performance

        • Hi impact audio support for audiophiles and Tidal users

        • Superior camera

        Con Factors:

        • Design is said to be not up to the mark

        • Lacks a 3.5 mm earphone jack

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