Lenovo Yoga 920 Vibes Special Edition Review: A Walk Through the Features

Lenovo Yoga 920 Vibes Special Edition

Lenovo Yoga 920 Vibes Special Edition



    Yoga Series



      • Enhanced Battery Life
      • Good On Performance
      • Active Pen Stylus


      • Lacks HDMI or A SD Card Slot
      • Not As Sleek & Light As Expected

      Entering into the world of laptops, JustInReviews is here with the technology review of the Lenovo Yoga 920 special edition.

      Let’s begin with the design and looks, followed by other aspects.

      • Design and looks:

      What’s new? Well, the design of the cover. Rather than metal, Yoga 920 Special Edition Vibes comes with a Corning Gorilla Glass material having a wave-resembling design pattern, making the overall look appear tasteful.

      However, the panel made of glass is a smudge and fingerprint magnet. A slight touch would leave you wanting to clean it, to keep the look glossy.

      Like in case of the Yoga 920, you get an identical display panel with less bezels towards the sides, a tactile keyboard that is said to be comfortable to type on, fingerprint sensor controlled by Windows Hello and two JBL stereo speakers (Dolby Atmos if utilized along with headphones) towards the underside, making it into a suitable gadget to watch films and TV shows.



      Image Source:Google.com

      Sleek in nature, less number of ports are expected, driving you more towards wireless networks. It hosts a USB 3.0 port with constant- on charging, 2 USB Type-C with Thunderbolt support plus a 3.5mm headphones jack. Absence of ports could appear as a disappointment for those eager to connect utilizing a LAN port or possibly a microSD card.

      • Screen:

      The Yoga 920 Special Edition Vibes makes use of the same display ala the regular edition, which happens to be a power-hoarding 13.9-inch UHD resolution IPS multi-touch screen.

      The screen cannot be said to be the one with an ultra-wide colour spread, which offers the capacity to make a few shades appear relatively toxic grade over-saturated. Nonetheless, shading seems profound and lively.

      The Yoga 920 has something numerous different workstations don’t: Active Pen Stylus that is. This gives you a chance to utilize the laptop similar to a graphics tablet, offering another utilization to the flexi pivot. Being a stylus that is battery powered, accompanies 4096 pressure levels, keeping pace with some pro-grade graphics tablets.

      • Battery performance:

      Battery is considered to be amongst the most grounded suits of the Yoga 920 Special Edition Vibes. It brings along a 4-cell 70Wh battery that is known to keep running for no less than 5 hours in case of heavy usage. For easygoing and light users, the Lenovo Yoga 920 Special Edition is said to run for around 10-12 hours with ease.

      • Trackpad and keyboard:

      The Yoga 920 is known to offer a fulfilling typing experience. Key action is found to be significantly more profound than the most recent series of MacBooks, for instance, and keeping in mind that a shallower style frequently additionally accompanies a light “clicky” vibe, there’s a more profound, more resounding feel to key taps in this case.

      The trackpad as well is reported to be almost complaint free. It comes with a smooth finished glass surface, is the very same shading as whatever is left of the shell, and doesn’t get out of hand. The click doesn’t sound too loud either.

      • Connectivity options:

      As far as this gadget from Lenovo is concerned, the SD card slot goes missing, no HDMI, no DisplayPort. The ultra-quick dual Thunderbolt 3 USB-C ports allows you to include these with the correct adapter, however in the event that you need a laptop that can shift within a desktop and laptop roles day in and day out, you presumably need an HDMI port on the size. Or on the other hand a legitimate dock, yet they tend to cost a bundle.

      A few of the present day laptops manage with just USB-C connections, yet the Yoga 920 – and we’re extremely upbeat about this – still has got a usual USB 3.0 as well. You can connect to all your old peripherals without having to purchase a new cable.

      • Performance:

      The unit under review ran on the 8th generation Intel Core i7 processor, which is considered to be a standout amongst the most powerful chipsets around. So, any sort of lags in any form aren’t expected. The handlers found the operation to be smooth in both regular and tablet modes. Editing of photos, documents and videos came across to be smooth and the widely used Windows 10 makes multi-tasking easier.

      The effective processor, combined with the Intel HD 620 GPU and 16GB RAM is bound to provide the best possible experience amongst the current lot of convertibles.

      With the Yoga 920 Special Edition Vibes, comes a stereo speaker with Dolby Atmos support for a 3-D audio experience.

      What you do get are the Account Holder, Lenovo Vantage, Lenovo Settings and Lenovo App Explorer in order to customize the machine according to your need. The webcam captures pictures in 0.9MP or HD resolution and can shoot videos in 720p at 30fps.

      • Pricing:

      The Lenovo Yoga 920 Special Edition can be yours at a starting price of Rs. 1,27,150.

      • Thumbs up:

      – Enhanced battery life

      – Good on performance

      – Active Pen Stylus

      • Thumbs down:

      – Lacks HDMI or a SD card slot

      – Not as sleek and light as expected

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