What Makes Canon EOS 1300D So Special? A Review of EOS1300D

Canon EOS 1300D

Canon EOS 1300D








        • Wifi
        • Light Weight
        • Display


        • Price
        • Noise

        In this series of technology articles from JustInReviews, today, let’s have a detailed review of EOS 1300D camera from Canon. We will take a look at the various aspects related to it.

        EOS1300D from Canon happens to be a budget buy and a recommended gadget for those who want to take to photography. Just like its predecessor in EOS 1200D, this one is also expected to be popular amongst the first timers.


        • The core features of this camera haven’t changed tremendously contrasted with the 1200D version.

        • The greatest new upgrade however is Wi-Fi connectivity. When you install the Canon Camera Connect application on your phone, pairing it through NFC is as simple as tapping your smartphone to the NFC logo on the camera.

        • This one still flaunts a 18-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor, has a local ISO range between 100-6400, and is equipped for 3fps burst shooting. It’s image processor has been knock up to Canon’s Digic 4+. The EOS 1300D can click pictures in RAW, JPEG and JPEG+RAW formats, and video recording reaches to a max at 1920x1080p at 30fps. The sensor has a sum of nine self-adjust focuses including one cross-sort point in the core.

        Build and design:

        • The weight of the EOS 1300D is somewhat lighter at 440g and more compact than the EOS 1200D, which is just truly recognizable when you think of comparing the two.

        • Canon has likewise included a Wi-Fi signal LED that flashes when the camera is connected to a smartphone.

        • All of the buttons are put to the right side of the LCD, and incorporates shortcuts for ISO, white balance, drive mode and auto-adjust. These additionally function over as navigation buttons for the menu framework. There’s a committed button close to the optical viewfinder for changing to live view.


        Image Source : canon


        In ISO tests conducted by the experts, the EOS 1300D performed well till ISO 800. At ISO 1600, you’ll see a slight dunk in sharpness as some luminance clamor begins sneaking in. Going up to ISO 3200 and 6400 outcomes in practically unusable pictures with an abundant excess luminance commotion, and detail level takes a major hit.


        It costs up to Rs 29,995


        • Comes with built in Wi-Fi, NFC

        • Light in weight and sleek as compared to EOS 1200D

        • Display is of high resolution

        • 16 GB storage facility


        • ISO 1600 onwards brings in noisy images. This is what reviews say.

        • Burst mode is said to be ineffective.

        • Experts feel that it is a notch expensive with respect to its counterparts.

        That was Canon EOS 1300D review from JustInReviews. Stay in touch for Technology Reviews and phone ratings.

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