MediaTek Vs Qualcomm: A Comparative Review!

A head to head comparison between MediaTek and Qualcomm processors.

Here’s a comparative technology review of the two leading smartphone processors from JustInReviews. Hopefully, it would help you to make a choice.

  • History:

First of all, Qualcomm which is native to the United States has been in this business for a much longer duration than Mediatek. E.g. the American organization was established in 1985 where it at first created a satellite finding and messaging service termed as the OmniTRACS. The initial Snapdragon processor was released in 2005 when cell phones were yet to have a genuine impact. Then again, MediaTek which happens to be a Taiwanese native, came into being in 1997 where it initially started to make chipsets for DVD, digital TVs and so forth. In this way, Qualcomm got a major head start to that of MediaTek.


  • Performance:

Another rivalry which has been popping up pretty fast between these organizations is Power against Efficiency. While the vast majority of the chipsets from MediaTek concentrate on increased power, Qualcomm chipsets target efficiency. This is the reason smartphones, and particularly affordable mobile gadgets powered by MediaTek processors would effectively out run the ones hosting its Qualcomm comparable. In any case, a great deal of power in MediaTek processors accompanied the superfluous trade off on battery life and overheating problems.

  • Cost front:

One issue with the Qualcomm processor was that they were a bit heavy on the pockets in case of OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) to integrate into their mobile phones but then offer them at low costs. This is the aspect MediaTek focused on and got its comparatively less expensive processor range. Chinese mobile phone makers soon detected the potential and began producing cell phones in view of MediaTek processors. There was the time when a surge of economical MediaTek phones had come to the Indian shore. Qualcomm, on the other side, was as yet the lord when mid range or leading cell phones came into the forefront.

  • GPU and CPU:

An eminent contrast which assumes an essential part on the off chance that you are a graphics dependent user is GPU. Both the manufacturers utilize an alternate arrangement of GPUs (Graphic Processing Unit) along with its set of pros and cons. MediaTek processors are for the most part combined with Mali GPU which is manufactured by ARM while Qualcomm consolidates in its Adreno lineup of GPUs. Presently, this is the place things get fascinating. Mali GPUs are not the slightest bit inferior compared to Adreno. Notwithstanding, they are simpler to develop games on and subsequently, developers dependably are inclined towards Adreno GPUs. Going ahead, on the off chance that you are into Rooting, or seeking root access of your device, the amount of developers sticking around for a

Qualcomm processor-powered cell phone will be considerably more than MediaTek’s. So, that was about the technology updates with respect to the GPU and CPU in case of both.

Which to choose then?

All things considered, to answer this question, you should deal with your inclinations. On the off chance that you are going for a economical gadget and need no trade off on power, MediaTek chipsets will doubtlessly serve you better. Then again, in the event that you are somebody who needs overall efficiency and better support for developers, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chipsets would emerge as the winners.

Got your answer?

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