Moto G6 Review: In Depth Review Post India Launch

Moto G6 Review

Moto G6 Review





      G Series



        • Ideal Size
        • Awesome Software Experience
        • Rapid Battery Charging


        • Sluggish Performance
        • Reduced Battery Life

        Want to know about the all new Moto G6 smartphone? Well, here’s your chance. In this smartphone review from JustInReviews, we are bringing the Moto G6 exclusively for the buyers.

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        • Comprised :

        This phone is made out of the glass material. It is quite attractive, shiny, sparkling but is very fragile material. Although it is made out of Gorilla Glass 3 which is quite durable it is always better to put a case on the mobile. It is a hot piece and is not slippery in nature it is dust and fingerprints proof.

        In its back end, you will find an S-shaped attraction and the sun-ray effect on the camera lens is quite attractive and it looks like a watch. The camera bump has sharp edges.

        The bodily features look like Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7 thus it is palm-friendly. The phone is very much appealing with a premium glass material. It is very light in weight and the texture is quite unusual.

        It is not going to break very easily because of its transparent silicone case. The cost of Moto G6 is about 16,780 Rs and is quite cheaper considering its features.

        moto g6


        • Design :

        The aspect ratio of Moto G6  is 18:9 as per the latest smartphone trend which implies that the screen is taller and thinner than before. This is quite appealing for watching widescreen movies or TV; a thicker phone is quite tough to use when compared to a taller device.

        Between the screen and the curved, scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass on the other end a metal frame is found in the Moto G6.

        • Screen :

        Handset screens are more important when compared to the extra GB of RAM and greater internal storage. Therefore Moto G6 is quite good. When compared to Moto G5, the 18:9, 5-7 inch IPS LC panel is taller and for filling the more space resolution has bumped up slowly from FHD to FHD+.

        The outdoor viewing is not affected by the expected brightness and there were no issues regarding Google Maps but their battery will not be working till then.

        Moto app is installed by Motorola and is present in it which has lots of customizations as per the G6 range. There are lots of gesture controls present with the Moto Actions for enhancing the commonly-used features. Switch the phone over a mute call and then swipe for reducing the screen down for simple one-hand use and press twice for the flashlight on or off.

        • Performance :

        This is a range with mid-range processing, therefore, it is not ideal for expecting the challenge of the awesome flagship. Within a Snapdragon 450 processor along with RAM of 3GB.

        Ahead of the outgoing MotoG5S, this puts the G6 and just in the future of the Honor 7X which is actually behind the HTC U11 Life. Just keep in mind that benchmarks are ok for the sake of comparison’s sake but for the representative of a device’s complete ability.

        There are few acceptable performances in Moto G6 in the actual world. This is not designed with a good multitasking power. Some apps are very slow to start like the Google Photos and it is the G6’s default gallery app.

        There are no problems at the time of playing any game. There are lots of higher-performance games like Reckless Racing 3 which is quite complex and you will be facing lots of problems. There has been a steady increase recently with Honor for few good and cheap devices. Keeping the 13,415 Rs Honor 7X along with Moto G6 makes it less active which is not applicable for Android.

        • Camera :

        You can find two camera lenses behind of the G6 with a 12-megapixel lens with a 1.8 aperture and a 5-megapixel secondary lens. There are lots of features included with Motorola with an effort for making the two lenses with more fun. To begin with, you can find the Spot Colour where various colors with the chosen turn out to be black and white.

        • Price and Launch:

        Its price is about Rs 13,000 , and launched on 4-June- 2018

        Pros :

        • Ideal size

        • Awesome Software Experience

        • Rapid battery Charging


        • Reduced Battery life

        • Poor Performance

        Thus the mobile review has been completed successfully in this JustInReviews.

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