Nokia 8 Sirocco Review: Claimed To Be The Brand’s Best Flagship Smartphone!

Nokia 8 Sirocco

Nokia 8 Sirocco





      Battery Life



        • Good Display
        • Impressive Battery


        • No Expandable storage

        What’s inside this claimed to be the best flagship smartphone from Nokia? Let’s find out….

        Here’s a smartphone review from JustInReviews. We will be checking out the Nokia 8 Sirocco handset as a part of this review.

        HMD Global, the organization that at present manufactures Nokia-branded phones has to a great extent sold itself on offering solid value phones that challenge what’s feasible in the mid-range segment and the budget price points.

        Be that as it may, a year ago’s Nokia 8 can be called an exemption to this rule as it was HMD’s policy in connection with a “flagship” phone, directly down to the costing. The Nokia 8 Sirocco can be considered to be the latest interpretation with respect to that particular idea, sitting admirably over the HMD’s 2018 phone crop in cost and specification terms.

        • Display and design:

        One finds the latest Nokia Sirocco to be super sleek along with a curved screen, a frame made of stainless steel with a back made of glass. Like majority handsets having a glass back, it tends to be slippery and more prone to break as compared to a metal one. HMD tends to turn up the heat as the screen embeds into the stainless steel frame. This leads to the Nokia 8 Sirocco looking ultra thin – barely a 2mm at its most thin edge.

        The handset comes with a 140.9 x 73 mm dimension and its only 7.5mm thin which permits it to sit easily in your grasp. It appears a touch weighty and dense yet that just offers the phone a solid look and feel.

        The left side of the device has got the SIM plate which hosts a solitary nano SIM. There is no provision for a double SIM variant. Also there is no space to include a MicroSD card. The phone is likewise just available in one color i.e. black.

        Nokia 8 Sirocco

        The gadget happens to be IP67 certified, which implies that you can escape with a tad of water sprinkled on it. Additionally, being made of glass, be ready to see fingerprint marks easily.

        Towards the back side and focused you can observe the dual camera module having a two-tone flash sitting on it’s right side. There happens to be a camera bump on the off chance that you’re pondering. Directly underneath the camera framework, lies the fingerprint sensor that is very fast with regards to unlocking the gadget.

        On the base rests the USB Type-C port with a solitary speaker. HMD has chosen to axe the 3.5mm jack, which isn’t unexpected considering the numerous phone producers that have already headed down that course. Gratefully, a premium looking headphones are present inside the box that sounds much superior to anything that is incorporated for free with various other phones.

        Talking about the screen,

        The phone to some degree looks like the Galaxy S7 Edge and the BlackBerry Priv having a 16:9 aspect screen that bends around the edges.

        The screen technology happens to be P-OLED produced by LG that tends to show a blue tint on the smallest tilt of the screen. Another issue with the screen is the absence of palm rejection which can make it baffling to utilize the phone particularly on the camera application.

        • Camera:

        In case of the Nokia 8 Sirocco, you’re taking a gander at twin dual 12MP sensors on the back, with a f/1.4 aperture with respect to the primary sensor, equipped by a f/2.6 2x optical zoom sensor. That jump in aperture will be instantly apparent the first instance when you zoom in under not as much as perfect lighting conditions as the commotion is very evident, very rapidly. That is surely not a one of a kind situation for this sort of camera, however then dual lenses with a 2x optical zoom isn’t, alone, a unique selling proposition.

        Genuine photo quality with this one is said to be solid without being completely remarkable in any capacity.

        • Battery performance:

        The battery capacity of this Nokia Sirocco is placed at 3,260mAh which, in light of the present day flagship phones, isn’t on the higher end. With regards to actual usage, handlers found this handset to effortlessly last longer than the S9 Plus and almost identical as the P20 Pro which implies that you’ll definitely get a day and after that, contingent upon your utilization, possibly one more.

        With regards to charging, it has got support for Qualcomm’s fast charging standard of the default power adapter. Charging for an hour is known to have boosted the power on the Sirocco by 73% which is very quick. Utilizing Samsung’s remote charger, 26% in one hour was achieved which is likewise not too bad for wireless charging.

        Upon running the standard battery trial of streaming a hour and a half of full HD video in full screen with max brightness setting and account syncing happening at the back, the Nokia 8 Sirocco was reported to have lost 22% which is on the higher end.

        • Specs and performance:

        The Nokia 8 Sirocco continues to carry a year old Snapdragon 835. With regards to real-time use, the Nokia 8 Sirocco is termed as super snappy and one thinks the sans-bloat Android One existence has a significant role in influencing this phone to function fast.

        With 6GB RAM along with 128GB of UFS 2.1 storage, this one is known to have offered a butter smooth run in case of majority applications that were tried on it.

        Amongst the benefits with Android One is that you’re ensured an upgrade to the following two renditions of Android so one can expect Android P and Android Q(?) to soon appear on the Nokia 8 Sirocco in the near future!

        In case of the Geekbench 4 benchmarking test on this device, it is said to have averaged a multi-core score of 6,590.

        • Price Tag:

        Nokia 8 Sirocco costs almost Rs. 60,000 in India. The phone exists in 6GB and 128GB RAM configurations.Going against:

        • In favour:

        – Android One with guaranteed upgrades

        – User friendly design

        – Good battery performance

        • Going against:

        – No chipset upgrade

        – Lacks expandable storage

        – Screen that tends to offer a blue tint

        You can also view phone ratings only on JustInReviews.

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