Nokia 8110 4G Review: Nokia 3310 Returns All Revamped !

Nokia 8110 4G

Nokia 8110 4G








        • Sliding keyboard cover
        • Smart Feature OS


        JustInReviews comes with its mobile review of the latest handset by the Nokia. Today we shall talk about the Nokia 8110 4G.

        The news is that the Matrix banana telephone is coming back to the market.

        Another nostalgic thing from the past is served up with the 8110 4G, and if you adored the slider old telephone you’ll likely have a weakness for this as well. In case you’re waiting for a reasonable second or an emergency phone, however, there are better alternatives out there.

        The new Nokia 3310 wasn’t a unique one. We now have another installment in what HMD is calling the ‘Nokia Originals’ series.

        Make proper acquaintance with an extremely yellow Nokia 8110 4G, which was launched along with various Android smartphones from the brand at MWC 2018.

        Nokia 8110 4G

        It takes its name and motivation from the amazing slider which shot to fame in the 1999 blockbuster The Matrix, in spite of the fact that in the film the slider was altered to be spring loaded.

        HMD says the new 3310 was its best selling phone in Europe in 2017, demonstrating the Nokia Originals attempt is in marketing gimmick by showcasing trick that plays on nostalgia.

        So can they create magic again? Time will say that!

        • Design and display :

        Besides, it has 4G availability, giving the 8110 more for highlights and applications.

        The Nokia 8110 4G release date is set for May.

        The banana yellow variation is exceptional… yellow

        The new Nokia 8110 4G has a curvature and that allows the earphone and microphone to sit well on your face when receiving a call.

        It sits less well in the pocket, however, with the bend and twists making issues while attempting to slide it into skinny jeans.

        The plastic body is strong, so it ought to have the capacity to face several knocks; anyways it’s the sliding keypad cover which has stolen the hearts. Without a doubt, it’s somewhat of a trick.

        A decent touch is that the cover wakes the screen when slid down, and turns it off when you return to its closed position.

        You can yet light up the screen with the conceal, by pressing the power key on the right side of the handset, yet you won’t have the capacity to utilize the telephone well.

        That because the 2.4-inch QVGA (160 x 120) display isn’t sensitive to touch and all the navigation keys are under the cover.

        The screen is fine to read content and viewing essential pictures and amusements; however, you won’t appreciate artistic works and movies on this phone.

        • Camera and battery :

        The Nokia 8110 4G has a camera, but it’s quite basic.

        A 2MP snapper beautifies the back of the phone alongside a solitary LED streak, a component the first one didn’t have, and there’s no front-facing choice.

        Where the Nokia 8110 4G will amaze is the battery life, and HMD claims the 1,500mAh power pack inside the handset is useful for up to 25 days on standby mode.

        Anyway, on account of its long battery life, the 8110 4G can charge itself as a celebration or emergency phone, as you don’t need to stress over always charging it.

        • Performance :

        It’ll not surprise that the Nokia 8110 4G isn’t packed to the rafters with power. Rather you get a Qualcomm 205 chipset and only 512MB of RAM.

        That is all which is required to run the basic OS, however, and the refreshed form of Snake that appeared on the rebooted 3310 plays fine and dandy here too.

        The intriguing part is the thing that with the coming of 4G networks can improve the situation a basic handset like this.

        The enhanced quality and speed of the data imply that apps can accomplish all the more, offering features that the new 3310 could just dream of.

        You can connect the data connection for various devices, making the 8110 4G into a WiFi hotspot so that you can connect your laptop, phone, or tablet to it.

        • Pros :

        – Nostalgic impact, now with 4G

        – Enormous battery life

        – Low cost

        • Cons :

        – Essential usefulness

        – Smart phones aren’t significantly more

        – Troublesome shape to keep in pocket

        • Conclusion :

        Though it’s an early verdict it gives some idea, though.

        The Nokia 8110 4G is somewhat fun. It is playfully classic and is updated too, but the price is little more.

        The rebooted 3310 is less expensive, and if HMD offered the 4G version universally it could have a potential same as the 8110 in a more user-friendly design.

        After considering everything, for those looking for a second handset, or an emergency phone, the 8110 4G offers something without taking a toll on your budget.

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