OnePlus 6 Review: What’s New?

OnePlus 6

OnePlus 6



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        • Slim Design
        • Good Battery Life


        • No Expandable storage

        What’s new in the OnePlus 6 ?

        This smartphone review from JustInReviews, is dedicated to the OnePlus 6 phone. As always, we will take a detailed look at the features it has to offer.

        The OnePlus 6 is expected to roll out on May 22, and we’ll like to disclose this to you: A limited edition in “silk white” is expected to come your way — a tribute of sorts to the first ever OnePlus One’s colour theme. On the off chance that the mirror black coloured model isn’t creating an impression on you, the silk white OnePlus 6 just may, and it is expected to arrive on 5th of June.

        • Looks:

        Quite a bit of what influences the OnePlus 6 to appear extra special is probably the totally new build and design. It now comes in a complete glass frame, which bends around the back and offers a good feel in your hand.

        There happens to be an exceptionally polished black variant that looks rich however quite the fingerprint magnet, a more traditional Midnight Black matte variant plus a dazzling White and pinky gold variety that won’t see light of the day until after launch.

        There is a switch-up in rest of the classic OnePlus design as well. The alert slide still exists, however, it is shifted on the opposite side; and the fingerprint sensor comes in an elliptical shape, roosted underneath the midway positioned dual cameras.


        The manufacturer has stated that while the handset is not having the official IP-rating for water resistance, lots of efforts have been taken to enhance its protection against water. This is achieved through additional seals surrounding the ports and between the screen.

        Nothing as such can be called special happening inside the notch – only the usual 16-MP sensor, LED and speaker – and it just feels like a gadget attempting to emulate the iPhone X.

        • Display:

        The screen’s a large one, with a dimension of 6.3-inches having a 2,280 x 1,080 pixel resolution, another debutant for the OnePlus family. To everyone’s surprise, the phone appears quite compact, with minimum side bezels and chin. Reviewers seemed to have liked the screen shape corners as well, which possess a flowing bend prior to running down the sides. The OLED (FHD+) panel is said to be bright, colourful and sharp. All in all, the display is reported to be excellent.

        • Hardware Specifications:

        A Snapdragon 845 fuels the OnePlus 6, supported by a 6GB or 8GB of RAM and the alternative of 256GB of memory. The alternative of 8GB of RAM feels a bit out of place, with its probable inclusion likely on the grounds that OnePlus can put it there. It is considered to be a status symbol, alike the 256GB memory.

        • Camera:

        On the rear side of the OnePlus 6 is present a dual-lens camera, this time midway and vertically-mounted inside a small camera bump. The primary f/1.7 aperture, 16-MP lens is combined with a second 20-MP camera, consisting of a portrait mode. Newer Bokeh effects will be included into the portrait mode, hearts, promising stars and bubbles (yes, truly).

        OnePlus has come up with a slow-mo video mode, which possesses a max of 480 frames every second (fps) at 720p. The 16-MP front looking camera continues to appear similar to the before spec. There happen to be some new software related changes.

        • Software:

        It hosts Android 8.1 Oreo with a 5.1.2 version of OnePlus’ OxygenOS over the top. The software is reported to be smooth and easy to use, with just a modest bunch of pre-installed applications, and the slide-in Shelf — which consists of recently utilized applications, contacts, and other data — influences it to appear different as opposed to the standard Android found on a Pixel 2. There are additionally a number of customization choices in the software that allow you to set up the smartphone, precisely as you need.

        • Battery:

        Battery specifications include 3300mAh power, Dash Charge – half an hour for a day’s use, USB-C sans Qi charging.

        • Pricing:

        The price of OnePlus 6 is expected to be around Rs. 35,990.

        • Ups:

        – Polished mirror finish appears attractive

        – Fast performance reported

        – Good price

        – Big screen

        • Downs :

        – No official IP-rating for water resistance

        – No upgradation in the front camera

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