Pebble Review: The Smart Watch For You !

Pebble Review

Pebble Review






      • Stable performance
      • Waterproof


      • Limited app selection at launch

      A detailed review of the Pebble smart watch.

      Shifting a bit away from the smartphone reviews, JustInReviews would like to present before you, the review of Pebble, the smartwatch that has hit the market.

      1. The design:

      Design counts in what you wear. The new Pebble Steel has a slim modern day look with simply the correct amount of geeky.

      The Pebble has a small (by present smartwatch standards) 1.26-inch diagonal “E-Paper” display, with a 144×168-pixel resolution. E-Paper is somewhat of a deceptive name. This is not e-ink, yet rather a black and white LCD display with a more-reflective than expected back. During daylight, text and icons appear to be more fresh. There’s likewise an LED back-light illumination that turns on with a press of the left-side button, or a move of your wrist.

      Touch screen is absent, yet the four buttons handle most undertakings well enough. Buttons on the right side scrolling up and down through the main menu; the middle button chooses options; the left side button goes about as a back button and switches on the watch’s backlight. Theoretically, you could shake the watch as other input, yet that is not utilized much in the current software.

      1. Colours:

      The Pebble is available in a variety of colours like: red, orange, black, white, or gray.

      1. Hardware specifications:

      Inside the hood, this gadget has a three-axis accelerometer, a magnetometer, and an encompassing light sensor, alongside a Cortex-M3 ARM processor and a little measure of installed storage for downloading and holding applications and watch faces. The Pebble’s memory can hold eight applications and watch faces.

      This smartwatch has the sensors and the latest technology to be able to do a number of things – yet that is dependent, obviously, on applications. On account of new version of the Pebble application, new developer software, and new Pebble firmware, numerous more applications are seeming to exploit these features…some superior to others. The Pebble’s development has been slow yet beyond any doubt, albeit a considerable lot of its best applications feel more like contracted down Palm Pilot applications than genuine iPhone or Android options.

      1. Pebble App:

      The Pebble never possessed an official application store prior, dismal however true: you needed to discover your applications on message-boards or using third-party tools. Finally, there’s a totally upgraded Pebble application for iPhone and Android with incorporated access to the Pebble App Store.

      Some of the numerous applications present includes remotes for TVs, cameras such as the GoPro, and even the Nest regulator; applications useful for calendars and lists; wellness applications for tracking sleep, step-climbing, cycling, and running (that need the utilization of your phone to reflect information back to the watch); home automation applications that handle lights; ESPN’s sports score checking; a Foursquare application; Yelp ap; poker times; plain content readers – and some out of the box games. It’s a diverse blend, yet in any event having an official application store makes finding these applications less demanding.

      1. Battery life:

      With that black-and-white E-Paper display, you’d expect some genuinely superb battery life; rather, the Pebble’s reported for “two to seven days” of utilization between charges.

      1. Compatibility:

      The Pebble happens to be compatible with the iPhone 5, 5c, 4, 4s and 5s with iOS 6 or iOS7, and Android gadgets running OS 4.1 and above versions. The experience is amazingly comparable, generally: another Pebble application for the two iOS and Android handles pairing of the Pebble, configuring notifications, and browsing for and stacking watch faces and applications.

      1. Pricing:

      The actual Pebble, now called Pebble Classic, can be purchased at Rs. 5,999. Other models including the newer Pebble Time Round, Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel will likewise be available at Rs. 9,999, Rs. 13,599, and Rs. 15,999 respectively.

      That was regarding the Pebble smart watch.

      Tune in to JustInReviews and get to know about the latest technology updates.


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