PUBG Game Review: Survival Of The Most Alert Player






    • Improves Awareness Skills
    • Optimized Game


    • Tough to win

    PUBG is a survival bloody game with SMG or double-barrelled shotguns and whether you live or die depends on the force field of the Gods of Circles, pray for your success. This game is reviewed by JustInReviews.

    You will also need to pray to the Crate God(Kratos) for offering a long-barrelled boon from the sky. 8X scope propagation, vehicle fuel levels, and high-tier armors are taken care by the demigods.

    • A Truly Entertaining and A Competitive Game :

    Semi-Randomized systems empower this game. This game has lots of surprises and lots of shocks. In the list of 100 competitors, you need to survive and the percentage of your survival is 20 % and be ready to lose in unexpected ways with sudden attacks.

    You cannot calculate your opponent’s decision over here when compared to other games like chess or Rainbow Siege where there is a countable number of opponents with efficient decision making. In this game, you can only do so in the semi-final and the final round where the play area is small.

    • Eagerness To Win :

    So with so many difficulties and uncertainties, you will strive to win the game but it is not possible always as death is inevitable. PUBG game will definitely keep you stuck to it until you win the game at least onc​e.

    • Tips To Win :

    You need to inculcate this art and skill by collecting a 4X scope and a suppressor affixed within your gun. Do it at the right time and read the body language of your opponent and check their activities are they alert or at ease. You can shoot them when they are unarmed don’t worry about being unethical. Also, make a note of the population meter on the top-right corner of the screen along with loot box currency.

    • Loot Boxes vs Kill them on, which is important?

    Although your Loot boxes will let you buy the things you need most of the players to focus on shooting down the opponents or seeking revenge and stunting with your motorcycle whether good snapshots or twitch clips are available etc.

    There are lots of merit badges over here like boating, cartography, looting, tactical driving, parachuting, cross country, first aid, spotting, airdrop retrieval, boxing. Grenading, driving, vaulting is quite interesting to learn.

    • Mobile Version :

    This is also available in Mobile in play store and was one of the top played games in 2017. It is developed by Tencent Games which is a part of Chinese tech company and has combined along with Quantum Studios and LightSpeed. This has been optimized perfectly for smaller screens. This works well on WiFI Networks and is a multiplayer game. It consumes 777 MB memory space. The screen resolution and frame rate can be adjusted by players as per their smartphone screen. It is powered by Unreal Engine 4 which was used in Gears of War 3 and Bioshock.

    The players cannot wait at the same place for a longer duration as the time passes by the island shrinks and the one outside it dies automatically.

    • Pros :

    It is an addictive game

    Well optimized for smartphones

    • Cons :

    Death is more probable

    Lack of decision making about the opponents move

    Needs improvement on screen maps

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