Qualcomm Snapdragon 850 : Now Available For Windows Platform

Today we are going to review Qualcomm Snapdragon 850 features and specifications in this technology review from JustInReviews.

In the world of Windows, Qualcomm has provided details about its first Snapdragon processor especially for the famous operating system of the Microsoft. Let us check out everything you must get to know about the Snapdragon 850 Mobile Compute Platform.

Currently, only a few devices that are running on the Windows on a Snapdragon chip are actually reviewed. This processor will ensure the 2nd generation ‘always on, always connected PC’.

  • Release date :

There is no actual release date for any new processor but is expected to launch at the end of the year as per Qualcomm.

Therefore, the models running the 835 are the Lenovo Miix630 and the HP Envy x2. Asus NovaGo is more reliable but consumers may well need to wait for the next versions. As of now, the prices are not mentioned for Snapdragon 850 powered laptops and tablets.

Samsung made a declaration that it will make a device with the Snapdragon 850 but there is no surety about its launch.

Snapdragon 850

  • New Updates :

There is an advancement brought by Snapdragon 850 over the present Snapdragon 835 smartphone processor with good clock speeds and more precisely with proper core balancing for devices that run on Windows 10.

Here are few highlights of Snapdragon 850:

  1. Increase in Battery life and efficiency by 20 %

  2. Increase in performance by 30 %

  3. Increase in Gigabit LTE speeds by 20 %.

Due to the Hexagon 685 digital signal processor (DSP), there is an increase in performance and durability.

The speeds up to 1,2 Gbps is delivered by the upgraded x20 modem when compared to the X16 modem in the present Snapdragon 835’s 1.0Gbps max.

  • Specifications and features :

The processor also named as Mobile Compute Platform by Qualcomm irrespective of being a new model number of Snapdragon and it is actually a Snapdragon 845 that has been optimized and tweaked for Windows.

Snapdragon 850 powered devices are expected to have enhanced entertainment because it is meant for playing and workaholics. It also has extra features like virtual surround sound, native DSD support, aptX HD along with 4K capture.

  • Performance :

Wonderful performance is the title feature of the 850 along with Qualcomm offering a 30 % increase with no decrease when compared to the 835.

850 is an enhanced version of the 845 which is developed on the second generation of the 10nm process.

The clock speeds are higher with the Kyro 385 CPU is up to 2.95GHz and there is less control from the engine too.

  • Battery life :

The main attraction for Snapdragon 835 powered Windows devices is nothing but the long duration of Soldering – Standardization process of the HP Envy x 2 that kept on running for 20 hours but it is not the same with 850 and is expected to be better.

As discussed earlier there is a 20 % increase in the battery life as per Qualcomm and as a result, it lasted for 26 hours.

  • Updated Windows :

Windows 10 April Update (RS4) will be launched by Snapdragon 850 devices and this is going to be a big bang in the industry.

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