Reliance JioFi Review: Checking Out The WiPod Dongle

Reliance JioFi

Reliance JioFi






      • Decent Speed
      • Handy and Portable


      • Battery Life
      • Heating Issue

      This time around, JustInReviews will be reviewing the Wifi gadget from Jio, as a part of technology review, just for you.

      • About The Device:

      The Reliance Jio LTE WiPod has a plastic body with a removable back. It is 16mm in thickness, and measures 80 grams. When you remove the back casing, you can access the 2300mAh battery, which is removable and hosts the SIM and microSD slots beneath. The WiPod uses a standard SIM card, and Reliance offers SIM adapters for micro and nano-SIMs.

      The Reliance WiPod gadget has four LED lights at the top of the Jio logo, one LED power indicator, and a LED battery indicator (with three bars) next to the Power button. To ensure this does not confound you, check it out on the web and get a better idea.

      • Battery Performance:

      The Reliance Jio LTE WiPod claims around 5-6 hours of continued use. In testing labs, with around five gadgets connected by and large, connectivity has been observed for more than 12 hours, which is considered to be good for a portable hotspot. The WiPod charges through microUSB, so charging it is likewise very easy.


      • Device Range:

      With respect to range, the Reliance WiPod is known to hold connectivity through 27 feet passing concrete and glass dividers. At the point when kept adjacent to a refrigerator to check whether it experiences disturbance, testers could sustain connectivity with the WiPod for around 21 feet from the source. The WiPod does not stay associated between floors.

      • Speed and Connectivity:

      Talking about the speed and connectivity of this new technology from Jio, Reliance determines that the WiPod can stay associated with 31 gadgets at the same time. For all intents and purposes, even in case of an extensive family, or when out with companions, you will presumably be connected with around 10 devices to the max.

      Upon the load of a solitary device streaming a Full HD video with no buffering, the Reliance Jio WiPod offered download speed of 35.5Mbps, upload speed of 6.9Mbps, and 65ms ping to the testers.

      Post 11 devices being connected, with Full HD videos streaming without buffering on 5 devices and active transfer on one, testers got speeds of 9.9Mbps and 5.8Mbps during download and upload, respectively, and ping duration of 158ms.

      This data should be sufficient, to give a clear cut idea about its speed.

      • Pros:

      – Offers connectivity to 10 devices offering decent coverage.

      – Handy and portable.

      – Decent speed

      • Cons:

      – Heating issue

      – Battery life not that long

      The review of Reliance Jio LTE WiPod from JustInReviews, is hereby completed. Stay tuned for gadget reviews and more.

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