Review of Nokia 3.1: A latest Version of Nokia’s Smartphone

Nokia 3.1

Nokia 3.1






      • Affordable
      • Good Build Quality


      • Lack of USB Port

      Here is the latest mobile technology review provided in JustInReviews about Nokia 3.1.

      A new refined series of new HMD Global is back with updated Nokia handsets and the brand name is Nokia 3.1. There are two other brands along with it namely Nokia 2.1, Nokia 5.1 where the former brand runs on basic spec with Android Go software on board, and the next one is more attractive and costly when compared to Nokia 3.1.

      There is no clear release date of Nokia 3.1 but it is expected to be released soon before the other two versions. Some of the experts say that it will be available in the month of June but we are not sure about its availability in US, UK or Australia.

      We are aware of the phone prices in Europe and therefore we can make few assumptions about its costs in the other parts of the world. The least basic version provided feature is 2 GB of RAM and 16GB of storage about Rs 10,902 in Europe, Australia, and America.

      • Design and Display :

      At a very reasonable price, you can choose Nokia 3.1 with a premium feel device experience but it has a tougher competition with Moto G6 which offers a far fuller experience. When compared to Motorola handset this phone is quite cheaper and the design is not that outstanding but still, it has a good front and back looks.

      Colored Polycarbonate is used for making the back of the phone but it is not that exclusive when compared to Nokia 5.1. An Aluminum frame is used for composing the edges for easy holding in the hand and it also gives a very good feel and appeals.


      It weighs around 138 gm and its dimension is about 146.25 x 68.65 x 8.7mm and it comfortably fits in the palm and is user-friendly.

      Its aspect ratio is about 18:9 display which has a trend for various phones in 2018 and it implies that the Nokia 3’s screen is lesser when compared to this phone. The screen is permitted to make it big and it is now 5.2 inch instead of 5 inches without any reshape in the size of the phone.

      • Camera and battery :

      You need to expect the fact that Nokia 3.1 does not have a wonderful rear camera experience. Currently, it is about 13MP autofocus camera that is expected to work well in a bright environment but has less performance in a darker environment.

      The images were found blurring by the experts when the cameras were tested out from the back of the phone.

      From the front, you can find 8MP wide-angle (84.6-degree field of view) camera and is quite apt for selfies and special high-quality shots.

      The battery of Nokia 3.1 is about 2990mAh battery can withstand for a day but it is not to last for two days and its battery is quite bigger.

      This phone does not have any fast charging technology and it also does not use USB-C and rather you will be pumping it up through the micro USB port at the base of the phone.

      • Performance and Interface :

      MediaTek 6750 1.5 GHz chipset is present within Nokia 3.1 and the company gets it’s 30 % rapid speed when compared to the actual Nokia 3. The main issue earlier was the performance but with the current launch of Nokia 3.1, there are good improvements in performance.

      It is possible to find 2 GB of RAM and 3 GB of RAM version of this phone and therefore one would be attracted to buying the costly and powerful handset with 3 GB.

      There are two choices of term storage and they are 16 GB or 32 GB and apart from that, you can also find microSD card especially for video storage, apps, and photos.

      You will also be guaranteed with monthly updates for three years since the date it is revealed and thus you can buy Nokia 3.1 without any tension.

      • Final Verdict :

      There are no much features in Nokia 3.1 but it appears with decent looks and is having an amazing design with good specs. The price is also quite reasonable.

      • PROS :

        The screen aspect ratio is about 18:9

        The price is very cheap

      • CONS :

        The design and composition is made of plastic

        There is no USB cable available

        There is no faster charging or wireless charging option

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