Samsung Z4 Review: Unlocking This Tizen Smartphone

Samsung Z4

Samsung Z4








        • Small and compact design
        • 4G VoLTE support


        • Low Resolution Display

        Revealing the Samsung Z4 exclusively for you.

        JustInReviews would like to uncover the Samsung Z4 for you. If you are planning to get one for yourself, read this review for complete information of this handset.

        Let’s begin this smartphone review by checking out the design first.

        1. Appearance:

        The phone is rather thick similar to the Z2, which, blended with its plastic (removable) rear panel, makes for a burdensome feel in hand. It’s not that heavy, gratefully, in spite of having a screen that is 0.5 inches bigger than the Z2’s. Be that as it may, where Samsung has made a recognizable stride down from the Z2 is at the back side of the phone.

        The dotted design (particularly on the red variation) that we saw on the Z2’s rear panel has been transformed by a look alike pattern with larger dots.

        Like all other Samsung gadgets with the exception of the Galaxy S8 and S8+, the Z4 possesses the customary hard home button, which is accompanied by menu and the back keys.

        Samsung Z4

        1. Display:

        While the screen size on the Z4 has been scaled up contrasted with the Z2, it’s not as large as the Z3’s 5-inch screen. In any case, as the Z4 has a 480×800 pixel screen resolution and has a LCD display, the viewing encounter is said to be fairly average.

        Pixelation in text is visible on account of the low resolution. View angles seem to be perfectly fine. The display’s brightness is likewise adequate for the Indian outdoor conditions.

        1. Battery Life:

        The Samsung Z4‘s 2,050 mAh battery is larger than the Z2’s and smaller than the Z3’s, and with regular utilization, it provides almost two days of battery life with two active SIM cards.

        But obvious, Tizen’s lightweight and the device’s optimum hardware help with battery endurance, and like the handset’s software execution, battery life is another feature for Samsung’s latest technology Tizen device.

        1. Camera:

        With 5-MP camera both at the front and back, the Z4 isn’t adapted at taking incredible photographs. Talking about the back camera first. The Z4 is not bad for a $100 range phone with a 5MP sensor. Photographs have significant detail in spite of the low-resolution sensor, and it’s just when you begin zooming in on photographs does the softness sneak in. Detail level is more in subjects caught very close, in spite of the fact that the photographs have got a drab look, both on the phone’s screen and on a desktop.

        The selfie camera is said to be only marginally better than average. Outdoors amid the day, while there would not be a great deal of details, photographs don’t turn out too delicate, either. Inside and in simulated lighting around evening time, notwithstanding, fine detail everything except vanishes. The LED flash at the front (it’s not a genuine flash, but rather a standard light that stays on until the point that you turn it off) improves things somewhat, as far as the details are concerned. Hues manage to appear to some degree engaging too, and generally speaking, the front camera isn’t bad at the Samsung Z4’s cost price.

        1. Performance:

        In the event that there’s one profoundly positive thing about Samsung’s Tizen models, it’s the performance they offer at that price range. Likewise with past gadgets, there is a slight deferral between you tapping on something and the phone reacting to it, however, Tizen allows to run easily over the UI and inside applications. Basic games additionally perform well, and Samsung’s browser performs well with regards to loading even heavy sites.

        1. Apps:

        There are many other options to popular applications, and first-party adaptations of prominent applications like Facebook and Instagram exist, yet none offer a similar level of functionality from their Android rivals.

        The best third party application is said to be BetterTube for YouTube. It’s a native application that opens YouTube in a browser mode yet includes various features at the top, as simple rotation of the video and logging in to and surfing through YouTube.

        Be that as it may, the thing is, many vital applications are as yet missing on Tizen. There is no Uber application, Google just offers a fundamental search application, and some applications likewise keep running in a basic web format.

        1. Samsung Z4 Cost:

        The handset price begins at Rs 5,790.

        1. Pros:

        – Battery life is observed to be impressive

        – Comes with a 4G LTE support

        – Cameras are said to perform well under good light conditions

        1. Cons:

        – Design is not up to the mark according to many

        – Loudspeaker volume is on the lower side

        JustInReviews will return with more technology reviews for you.

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