Saregama Carvaan: A Complete Retro Music Delight

Saregama Carvaan

Saregama Carvaan






      • USB, Bluetooth
      • 5 Hours of Battery


      • No Pause Button

      Music is refreshing and rejuvenating and listening to it from Saregama Carvaan which appears like a transistor featuring USB, Bluetooth, and FM. The only drawback is you cannot sing new sensational songs with famous contemporary numbers but don’t worry FM Radio will make it up.

      Let us review about this gadget in detail from JustInReviews

      • Interesting Outlook:

      Anybody who would see it for the first time would get confused and mistake it as a toy or a new speaker or a transistor. Although it is a bit big in size when compared to pocket Mp3 players of today. Earlier radios took time to connect to FM stations but this device connects in no time.

      saregama carvaan

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      • Features:

      Weight: 1.5 Kg

      Dimensions: Widthx height x dimensions 27 x 17 x 8

      Audio jack: 3.5 mm

      USB: 2.0

      Charger: 220 V

      Warranty: 1 year.

      Cost of Saregama Carvaan in India: Rs 5,999

      • Highlights:

      When compared to other brands like Philips, it is fascinating to hold this device and is much fancier and colorful. The most significant feature which is eye-catchy is Geetmala. After turning it on you will not want to turn it off.

      A journey of Bollywood songs from 1952 to 2000 along withGeetmala ki chhaon mein stored in this device. There are about 50 songs which are even explained by Ameen Sayani.

      You can find a varied list of songs over here right from the songs you forgot, or which never existed and few of them which you don’t want to listen again.

      You will get lots of memories by listening to such songs. Earlier radios played a good role in our lives and the music it played in the olden can be brought back with the help of this device. Currently, such radio systems are outdated and no more relaxing and listening to old and melodious songs but then only listening to fast beat songs are the trend today.

      This Saregama Carvaan will help you take few time out and listen to music and instead of spending time with WhatsApp and other gadgets. You will definitely feel relaxed and travel to the past listening to such melodies.

      Geetmala is not the only thing that this device offers. There are about 80 FM stations which are available to get connected and 5000 preloaded evergreen songs under two classifications Moods and Artistes.

      You will be mesmerized by various artiste or mood choices that this device offers.

      Don’t miss to listen to the famous songs sung by Lata Mangeshkar which has a count of thousand and Kishore Kumar has sung 500 songs along with Asha Bhosale and Mohammed Rafi has sung 700 odd numbers. Apart from these reputed singers, you can also find the songs sung by Geeta Dutt, Hemant Kumar, Talat Mahmood, and Geeta Dutt.

      From the Ghazals section, you can also listen to the songs sung by Jagjit Singh and apart from that choose religious and spiritual songs from the Shakti and Spiritual Sections and there are other classic choices like Film Instrumental or Hindustani Classic.

      From the Mood category, you can choose interesting romantic songs of both happy and sad genres. You can also find a good collection in the Artistes category where you can select the lyricist or music director that you need to hear.

      Just listen to hundreds of songs in each category and the only difference between this and the radio is that you cannot change the song or fast forward it in the radio but in Carvaan you can shuffle the songs according to your choice.

      • Pros:

      USB, Bluetooth

      5 hours of battery discharge

      Lots of melodious and old evergreen songs

      • Cons:

      No new sensational songs

      No pause button

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