Segway i2 Review : All That You Need To Know Before Buying

Segway i2

Segway i2






      • Noise Free
      • Battery


      • Cost
      • Availability

      In today’s auto tech review from JustInReviews, we will be reviewing the Segway i2, the personal transporter from Segway. Here’s all that you need to know about this new automotive technology, before thinking of buying one for yourself.

      The Segway is a super one of a kind two wheeled electric individual transport vehicle that makes up for the riders movements with the electric engines’ thrust. On the off chance that you lean forward, the Segway will adjust for the way you lean and push ahead with you, so as not to give you a chance to topple over.


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      Technical Specifications:

      • Weight capacity: 100-250 lbs

      • Maximum torque: 12.5 miles per hour

      • Range: 16-24 miles

      • An expense of 12 cents is required for charging

      Despite the fact that the expenses of owning one is quite high, SEGWAY was instrumental in advancing the idea (2002 to 2013) of utilizing a battery-controlled electric vehicle, that is ready to utilize gyroscopic sensors and accelerometer-based leveling sensors to recognize and change directional points, while looking after balance, and impelling its wheels forward or in reverse, to drive.

      Segway has many models of the PT for a wide range of purposes, including, rough terrain, visiting, commuting and the base model. In the event that you are searching for a genuine toy, at that point the Segway Personal Transporter is the most ideal alternative that you could purchase.

      SEGWAY is popular known for being simply the first commercially sold 2 wheeled electric bike. The i2 Personal Transporter is one of the famous 2 wheeler model that is still as of now accessible in the market.

      A few facts:

      • Segway has been bought by Ninebot, a China-based contender that makes comparable looking individual transportation in the beginning of 2015.

      • The Segway brand has additionally encountered negative publicity encompassing the passing of a buyer of the organization that makes Segway mechanized bikes. In a terrible mishap, he passed on while riding one of their own bikes off a cliff on 26 September 2010.


      – Well established brand and easy to learn

      – Has got scratch resistant tyres

      – Noise free operation

      – Powered by a Lithium Ion


      – High on cost

      – Availability is limited

      – On heavier side

      This was the review of new automotive technology from Segway. Stay connected with JustInReviews for technology reviews.

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