Smoke Detector Camera Review: The Latest Product From Xtreme Life !

Smoke Detector Camera

Smoke Detector Camera

Smoke Detector Camera


    PIR sensor



      • 30 day battery life
      • No visible wires


      • Limited Warranty

      Checking out the Smoke Detector camera.

      Today is the turn of the review of a camera from JustInReviews. But, this gadget is a bit different ! It is a smoke detector camera ! Have you heard of it before? If not, get to know about it right here….

      You can never do excessively to secure your family and your business, which makes this concealed motion detector camera such a unique thought. Nobody will realize that their each development is being recorded on video, offering you the security you require both at home and at office.

      1. Setting it up:

      This concealed motion detector camera is quite simple to set up, on the grounds that it doesn’t have WiFi and you don’t utilize applications, it is just an independent gadget masked as a smoke detector. You should simply charge the unit, mount it on the roof (ensuring that you have embedded the SD card) and you are ready to go.

      It will take around 2 seconds after the batteries have been charged and it is prepared to identify heat and movement. The batteries will keep going for around 30 days in standby mode, yet this is tempered by how frequently it is activated to record.

      2. Functional specifications:

      With the help of a wide angle lens and the capacity to see faces unmistakably, in the room, you will have no issues watching out for everybody and what they are doing.

      The latest technology base view camera is awesome in light of the fact that it catches a wide range, instead of simply being pointed one way like the other hidden cams.

      With watchful pinholes, the Xtreme Life Smoke Detector Cameras are intended to be imperceptible in plain display and nobody will recognize these as shrouded cams. Events can even be activated during the night (range is 10 ft during night time) and the video records are claimed to be crystal clear.

      This concealed motion detecting camera isn’t just activated by movements inside its field of view, but by body heat as well.

      3. Recording modes:

      You can either allow the SD card a chance to fill up and afterwards begin recording once again, or you can set it so that it doesn’t over-write the stored recordings.

      4. Watching the recordings from the camera:

      You needn’t bother with WiFi, routers, applications or mobile gadgets to view the recordings from the Xtreme Life Smoke Detector camera. Rather, you should simply take out the SD card, connect it to your PC and view the recordings on your media player.

      5. Features:

      – WiFi connectivity not required
      – Records clear HD 720P HD video, day or night
      – Motion activation helps to save money
      – Time and Date stamp
      – Comes with a 1 year limited warranty
      – Wires are hidden
      – AVI file format etc…

      6. Plus points:

      – WiFi is not required
      – Installation process is easy
      – Playback on all major platforms like Apple, Android and Windows
      – Has got a wide angle lens
      – Time and date stamp present

      7. Minus points:

      – Audio recording facility not present
      – Equipped with 8GB Micro SD card only

      With this, we come to the end of this product review from JustInReviews.


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