Snapchat Glasses Review: Checking Out These Tech Specs !

Snapchat spectacles

Snapchat spectacles






      • Easy to shoot
      • Capture a unique point of view


      • Wi-Fi connection issues

      A complete review of Snapchat spectacles.

      Well, here is a product review you would be surprised with. That’s because, JustInReviews would be reviewing what can be called as the tech specs! A product of Snapchat !

      • Packing:

      Delivered in a see through tube with a bright yellow box within, Spectacles can get you captivated from the very beginning. The process of unpacking to recording the first snap is said to be super simple and clear.

      The Spectacles unit accompanies a yellow case (which additionally functions as the charger), a USB-equipped charging cable, a small directions booklet, and, obviously, the Spectacles.

      Snapchat Glasses

      • Technology Specifications:

      The Snapchat spectacles camera itself is a standout amongst the most noteworthy aspects of this product. It hosts a 115-degree camera lens intended to all the more closely enact how people see.

      This latest technology enables users to completely turn their phone while viewing the video and it is said to remain exactly “in-frame.”

      • On the battery front:

      Battery life is said to be quite good as well. Users could get around 100 10-second recordings out of a solitary charge, which for many is a lot of snaps in one go. Also, one is able to quickly connect the Spectacles case to the closest USB port and they charge in around a hour or somewhere in the vicinity.

      The main disadvantage is that they are a battery hog in case of your iPhone while transferring snaps to the Snapchat application. In the event that you are out throughout the day, one would prescribe carrying the Spectacles case alongside you notwithstanding a portable mobile charger.

      • Settings:

      As far as the settings of the Snapchat spectacles are concerned; from the primary screen of your Snapchat application, swipe down and tap on the settings icons, at that point you’ll come across an option for your Spectacles towards the base. Under the settings menu, you can alter the name, check the battery status, pairing, delete the stored videos and restart or reset your gadget.

      • Clicking a snap:

      There’s nothing more needed than a speedy tap of the buton on the upper left corner of the Spectacles to start snapping. They record in 10 second augmentations automatically, yet you can stretch out the recording up to 20 or 30 seconds by tapping the same button twice or three times. You can likewise stop the recording short by holding down the button prior to when the 10 seconds is up.

      Your companions will know the Spectacles are recording with a little, round LED light around the left camera lens that spins subsequent to pressing the record button.

      • Video syncing with a phone:

      Snap glasses work with both Android and iOS gadgets. In the event that you possess an Android, you will be able to transfer the snaps through WiFi, however in the event that you’re on iOS, they’ll transfer via Bluetooth and WiFi as well.

      A key thing to recollect, however, is that on the off chance that you are not having a WiFi connection, the Spectacles will default to uploading “non-HD” videos to your Snapchat application. To transfer the videos in HD, the Spectacles require that you are having WiFi connectivity. This makes it somewhat difficult when you are outside and hoping to upload the videos on the go.

      • Data Sharing:

      Snapchat prescribes that before offering your Spectacles to another person, you initially import all the snaps from your specs onto your phone. When you hand them over to your companions, they can without much of a stretch pair the Spectacles with their gadget and snap right away!

      • Snapchat Glasses Price:

      The average price of this product is around Rs 13000. Yet, it depends on the sellers.

      • Plus points:

      – Easy to pair with phone

      – Shooting process is pretty straightforward

      – Syncing is pretty fast

      – Design full of style

      • Minus points:

      – Cannot wear with conventional glasses

      – Geofilters are absent

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