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      Product Quality



        • Waterproof
        • Sound Quality
        • Light Show


        • Heavy
        • Price

        JustInReviews has this tech news for you. JBL this year, has launched its new set of bluetooth speakers. This new gadget is the Pulse 3 Bluetooth Speaker by JBL.

        JBL with the launch of its latest Pulse 3 Bluetooth speaker and its built-in light show has taken technology to the next level by making the speaker completely waterproof and enhancing the sound as well.

        What’s new?

        One of the key new elements is that it’s completely waterproof, which implies you can drop it in the shallow waters around evening time and get some truly cool effects for a brief time-frame (an IPX7 certification implies that you can dip it in up to 3 feet of water for half an hour). You won’t receive any sound in return if it’s submerged – After all, bluetooth doesn’t transmit inside water – however, you can’t have everything.


        Other features of these Speaker include:

        • Voice cancellation along with echo cancellation speakerphone gives you a chance to accept calls from your speaker.

        • In-built rechargeable li-ion battery gives up to 12 hours of non-stop music and light show recess.

        • Adaptable 360-degree light show sets the air, invigorating your playlists naturally by synchronizing its light show with your music.

        • Now alter your light show and set up your JBL Connect+ settings with the JBL Connect+ App both for Android and iOS.

        • Remotely (wireless) interface up to two tablets or phones to the speaker and alternate playing music (the speaker now possesses full 360-degree stereo sound, as claimed by JBL)

        • Now plan your own party by connecting more than 100 JBL Connect+ empowered speakers together to enhance the overall sound experience.

        How Much Does it Cost?

        You can buy one from or at select retailers for a price tag of $200 (Approx. Rs 13,600) beginning spring 2017 in two colours namely black and white. For more information, you can also visit

        What You Would Like:

        • It’s completely waterproof nature

        • An amazing light show

        • Overall sound quality

        What You Might Dislike:

        • Short on accessories

        • Some may find it a bit heavy

        So, only time will tell as to whether these are the best portable speakers from JBL.Keep Visiting JustInReviews for more on laetst gadgets.

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