Sony WF-SP700N Review: An Audio Device For Fitness Enthusiasts !

Sony WF-SP700N

Sony WF-SP700N



    Wireless Headphones



      • IPX4 Certified
      • Effective Noise Cancellation


      • Bass not up to the mark
      • Volume Controls Not Present
      • Charging Case Appears Flimsy

      JustInReviews has brought for you, the review of this latest technology from Sony. It’s called the Sony WF-SP700N, which happens to be a wireless audio accessory for fitness enthusiasts. So, if you are one, then this review is definitely for you.

      • Exteriors:

      It has a decent pebble resembling shape with curvatures around its body. Additional buttons are not included to maintain its sleek shape. Every one of the controls are gotten to by tap designs on a solitary button. Which could be an agony at first as make way through a great deal of hits and misses, however, you will get accustomed to it after a while.

      They are said to fit nicely in the ear. On the off chance that they don’t, Sony comes with additional silicon tips for various ear shapes and sizes. What transforms it to be more sporty is its splash-proof nature. That implies, you can use them even when it’s raining.



      Touted to be wellness headphones, they are known fit well in ears and remain intact even amid activities.

      The solitary issue with this audio gadget can be said to be its weight. They are to some extent bulky, yet different from the WF-1000X, the brand has embedded their bulk with a bolder colour pattern, which looks visually rich.

      • Features:

      Each of the devices has got three different levels of noise cancellation: one that filters out everything, one that lone allows ambient sounds, e.g. voices and one that permits in ambient sounds which are intended to safeguard you, e.g. sirens or noise from the traffic.

      We’ve observed Sony’s fixation with NFC, and this one has it for a speedy connection. It has a built in Siri/ Google Assistant support for direct access although voice. With the goal that you don’t have to take out your phone to pass on a command.

      Likewise, downloading the Sony app on your phone, gives you an access to a considerable measure of customization alternatives and numerous different features.

      • Battery:

      The WF-SP700N’s comes with a constant playtime of 3 hours, accompanied by 8 hours of standby time. For individuals who are just buying these to use in the gym, it would be fine. These headphones are suitable for short spells at the gym. In case you’re taking a long flight or a lengthy road trip, these set of wire-free buds probably won’t be the headphones for you. An area where we can expect technology updates from Sony, in times to come.

      These come with a USB charging case that holds to an extra two full charges. It requires around 90 minutes for the headphones to completely charge.

      • Connectivity:

      The Bluetooth connectivity was reported to be consistently strong. In case that you possess an Android based device, you would be glad to know that our WF-SP700N comes with a support for NFC connectivity. This allows speedier and convenient connectivity. Sony has stated that the Bluetooth range for the device is just around 30 feet.

      • Audio Quality:

      The WF-SP700Ns comprises of a closed dynamic design, which gives a substantially more focused sound as against an open design.

      The highs were found to be pleasant and punchy and the mids reported balanced and bright. The bass was said to be not as profound as different models in the comparable cost range. For individuals who don’t care for their bass to sound overwhelming, the WF-SP700N gadget will be a good choice. On the off chance that you like your bass somewhat more profound, there are other contenders that could be a superior fit. Saying this doesn’t imply that the bass is powerless, yet it is found to be weaker than the excess-bassed audio that individuals have generally expected from present day headphones.

      • Price tag:

      The WF-SP700N wireless headphones were launched with a price-tag of Rs 12, 990.

      • Pros:

      – IPX4 certified

      – Effective noise cancellation

      – ANC that is adjustable

      • Cons:

      – Bass not up to the mark

      – Volume controls not present

      – Charging case appears flimsy

      JustInReviews will be back with yet another product review next time.

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