Sony Xperia L2 Review: Exploring The Low Cost Handset!

Sony Xperia L2









  • HD Display
  • Cost
  • Fingerprint Scanner


  • Design
  • OS

Here comes a mobile review from JustInReviews. Let’s explore the Sony Xperia L2 smartphone and check out its features one by one.

Early verdict says that the Sony Xperia L2 is a low cost Android handset that is known to offer considerable number of features, however, it won’t overwhelm you.

  • Layout and Display:

With dimensions of 150 x 78 x 9.8mm, you can pretty much utilize the Xperia L2 using one hand, however, in the event that your palms are on the littler side, you may have to utilize both.

The back end confronting fingerprint scanner is placed in a convenient manner as well, however, it’s somewhat disappointing to observe such a significant bezel beneath the screen sans navigation keys or scanners placed in it. It feels as though Sony could have given us more screen space.


Speaking about the display, the Xperia L2 hosts a bright and clear, 720p HD screen which can be said to be a strong offering.

The Sony Xperia L2 gadget is not said to be the most attractive phone, however, it’s for all intents and purposes assembled with a strong plastic shell that makes it appear durable.

The keys that are situated on the right of the handset happen to be that of lock power and volume are anything but difficult to hit.

  • Battery, O.S. and performance:

There’s a better than average measure of power that fuels along with 3GB of RAM functioning in sync with the MediaTek processor.

The discouraging factor is said to be the software, the handset comes with Android 7 Nougat, as opposed to the latest technology O.S. Android 8 Oreo. One wonders as to whether it will get a move up to Oreo later on or not.

Performance amid the testers short stint with the phone was said to be satisfactory, however, you’ll need to sit tight for the complete review to discover how it truly gets on.

There’s a good power pack inside the Xperia L2, with the inclusion of a 3,300mAh battery.

  • Camera:

The Sony Xperia L2 incorporates a 13MP back facing camera, which was discovered to offer a moderately standard shooting experience.

It’s not the snappiest in terms of shutter speed, and low light shots appear to be somewhat muddy, yet for a modest priced handset, it gives off an impression of being an adequate offering.

Around the front end, the Xperia L2 brings to the table the same wide-angle, 120 degree view field 8MP camera as the Xperia XA2 Ultra. It implies you’ll have the capacity to include a greater amount of your companions in every selfie snap.

  • Other features:

CES 2018 seeing its unveiling, the Sony Xperia L2 gadget comes with a 5.5-inch 720p HD screen, Mediatek chipset, 3GB RAM, 32GB memory, microSD slot, 13MP rear camera, fingerprint scanner, and 8MP front clicker.

  • Price:

The price of the Sony Xperia L2 handset is said to be in the Rs 15,000 bracket.

  • Factors in favour:

– A good HD display

– Comes with a fingerprint scanner

– Low on cost

  • Factors going against:

– Older Android version

– Design said to be uninspired

With this, we come to the end of this smartphone review. JustInReviews will return with technology reviews etc.

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