Syska X110 Power Bank Review: Uncovering This 11000 mAH Device

Syska X110 Power Bank

Syska X110 Power Bank








        • Over Charge Protection
        • LED Indicators


        A detailed review of the Syska X110 Power Bank.

        JustInReviews brings to you the unboxing and review of this gadget from Syska.

        1. Unboxing the X110:

        The Syska X110 has got a neat and beautiful White bundling. It comes with a user manual, Warranty card, and a mini USB cable. You can likewise watch the Unboxing video on YouTube for more information.

        1. Product design and quality:

        The design of this power bank is said to be good with a bright colour combo. According to the online reviews, the build quality of this Syska power bank is said to be good. Syska utilizes solid ABS housing material while manufacturing this device.

        The Power On/Off button, charging port and LED light on the main side. A blue indicator light offers a premium look to this power bank. You can check out the remaining power of this power bank utilizing a button. The indicator light likewise indicates the charging progress.

        The above side of this power bank is empty, extricate little blurred Syska logo on the right side. A decent part is Syska doesn’t concentrate on branding like Ambrane.

        On the right hand side, the Syska X110 has a two USB port with 1A and 2A capacity with a label. On the base side, you can discover the BIS rating and specification.

        The Syska X110 is less in weight contrasted with the capacity of this power bank, just 273g. The measurement is only 2.4 inch wide, 5.4 inches in length, and 0.86 inches in height. You can without much of a stretch carry this Syska power bank in your pocket on account of its compact size.

        1. Device Specifications:

        Talking about the specifications of this gadget, it offers the following:

        • A 6 month warranty

        • 11000 mAH power

        • Input 5v (1.5A)

        • Protection against over-charging and over-discharging

        • Dual USB output ports (1A, 2.1A)

        • A power switch ON/OFF button plus a blue LED indicator

            4. Performance:

        The Power backup of this power bank is said to be average, not all that great. We get 7800 mAH power out of the 11000 mAH max limit. Please take a note. There is no power bank out there that accompanies full capacity depict in its specification. You just get 80% of the aggregate power. You can undoubtedly charge your 2500 mAH battery fueled a phone for 3 times using the Syska X110. There happen to be 2 USB ports where the first one offers 1V output voltage and another gives 2.1V output. The 2.1V port full charge your 2500 mAH battery inside 1.10 hours and 1V port charge inside 2 hours. When talking about safety, Syska X110 accompanies Over-charging, Over-discharging, and short circuit security. The Smartphone, Camera, Tablet, USB light, Trimmer, and Fitness band are known to go in well with this power bank.

           5. Pricing:

        On the off chance that you buy this power bank around Rs.700, in that case, it is value for money.


        – Comes with dual USB output ports

        – Battery capacity is 11000 mAh

        – Has got a 6 months warranty period

           7. Dislikes:

        – Said to be worth only if bought around Rs 700.

        – Does not give full capacity output

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