Thinking of Buying A Solar Phone Charger? Consider These Things

Solar Phone Charger

Solar Phone Charger

Solar Charger





      • Multiple charging ports
      • very efficient


      Factors to consider prior to buying a solar phone charger.

      Thinking of buying a solar phone charger? A great idea ! JustInReviews would recommend that you consider the following points before going in for this latest technology. Let’s see what they are….

      1. Size of the panel:

      A few chargers will guarantee quick charging however will have a panel that is absurdly big. While a large panel won’t not be an issue when you are on the move or at a stationary location, it can be a major bother when you are attempting to bicycle, climb or trek. Around 1.75 feet x 1 feet is a sensible size and can be worn like a rucksack over your backpack. Anything bigger and bearing it will be awkward.

      Likewise, recollect, the clumsier it is to bear a charger, the less effective the charger will be, as boards are presumably not going to be appropriately presented to the sun.

      1. Durability factor:

      A phone charger that depends on solar power should be always presented to the elements. It is in this way imperative that the build quality is good. Go through the customer reviews to perceive what individuals are saying with regards to durability.

      While checking out durability, take a gander at the strength of the straps, the eyelets or the little gaps through which straps or ribbon is weaved through to check whether it will hold up. Since you are dependably most likely going to be moving when utilizing your telephone charger, it ought to have the capacity to take some consistent wear and tear.

      1. Efficiency:

      The first thing you should search for while considering a sun fueled telephone charger is to look for the effectiveness rating of the gadget. Contingent upon the cost and nature of the charger, this can go anyplace in the vicinity of 15% and 25%. More than 25% implies that the charger is truly effective yet most likely likewise with a considerably high cost. 20% + chargers are reasonably priced and can fulfill your requirements, at around $40.

      1. Compatibility:

      Each phone utilizes somewhat different technology with regards to charging capacities. This is the reason phone manufactures recommend that you charge your device with the company charger, to capitalize on brisk charging. While it is without a doubt prescribed that you charge your phone with the factory charger, there is definitely no problem in utilizing outside innovation as long as it is compatible with your gadget. The charger’s manual ought to explicitly say that it is good with your specific telephone type, be it the iPhone 6, iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy, Sony or whatever brand and model you possess.

      1. Safety:

      You should just choose portable solar phone chargers that accompany all the standard safety measures. Look for FCC affirmation, CE certification and RoHS certification. These are the absolute minimums with regards to checking compliance to safety standards. You should likewise search for guarantee and warranty information.

      1. Multiple port charging:

      On the off chance that you require a sun powered charger, odds are that you are not the only one. Regardless of whether it is a biking companion, a camper or a co-hiker, they are presumably going to need to charge their handsets also. This is the reason it bodes well to search for a charger that can at the same time charge two phones. The vast majority of the good solar chargers will have this feature.

      That was about points to consider as far as buying a solar phone charger goes. Check out JustInReviews for unbiased smartphone reviews as well.


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