Wacom Cintiq Pro Review: Exploring The Creative Pen Display !

Wacom Cintiq Pro

Wacom Cintiq Pro






      • Good Resolution
      • The Pro Pen 2


      • In Built Legs

      The gadget that JustInReviews is going to review today is the Wacom Creative Pen Display. A must read for all those tech savvy individuals.

      Wacom seems to have pushed the limits again with its Cintiq Pro 13 and 16-inch graphics tablets.

      • The screen:

      The 16-inch Wacom Cintiq Pro is said to have a quality 4K display. Its IPS panel is colour precise, with good levels of contrast and the pixel thickness is to such an extent that you never feel you’re working on a screen. This is to some extent because of the width of the screen amongst surface and pixels, which is negligible on the two models.

      • Accessories:

      Both these models in Cintiq Pro 16 and Cintiq Pro 13 possess fold-out legs that facilitate the supporting of the tablet, even if you are heavily leaning on the screen.

      They cannot be adjusted, so sadly you should rearrange into a comfortable working position, yet they are placed at a decent 20 degrees, so will suit most of the individuals. In the event that you don’t like these legs at that point there is an alternate stand that you can purchase that offers greater ease of use.


      Fortunately the Expresskey Remote can be purchased as an option that brings along the touch ring, various buttons and can be put anyplace. It’s known to be a handy accessory, still you’ll have to take it into consideration into your buying choices.

      Like past models, these possess softkeys at the top-right to get access to specific functions, e.g. settings, keyboard and touch input. This is handy and keeps the wonderfully negligible device looking more sleek, however, some express keys would be so useful, for the individuals who push the keyboard to a particular side to obtain the best access to draw.

      The Pro Pen 2:

      The Wacom Cintiq tablet screen can be as fresh as you prefer yet in the event that the stylus is no great it will dependably be left to the other side, relegated to the pile of tech such a significant number of us have. Fortunately, the Pro Pen 2 – which comes in the case – is quite good, after an indistinguishable design from the past models, with a button at both the ends (nib and eraser) along with a two-button rocker.

      The delicate touch robber is agreeable and sufficiently thick to mitigate strain on the hand for delayed use. This variant has the tilt from past incarnations however the sensitivity has been expanded to more than 8000 levels. While this may appear overkill, being used it bodes well, as the more delicate, the more like conventional media it feels.

      In addition, it’s a sans battery gadget and the slack, even with expansive complex Photoshop brushes or sculpting using high res stamps in 3D, is negligible to the point of non-existence.

      • Performance:

      There’s almost no parallax – that odd antique where, in past models of Wacom tablet, you can observe between the nib and the actual picture. This, and the wonderfully matte carved glass, makes for a more natural feeling experience.

      Regularly a hard nib and glass won’t have a perfect measure of friction, however the Cintiq Pros both are said to be a delight to work with, be it for sculpting 3D models in ZBrush or investing time doing conceptual work in Adobe Photoshop or Corel Painter.

      • Price:

      While the Cintiq 13 comes at a price of Rs 74, 775 (store.wacom), the Cintiq 16 comes at a price of Rs 99,775.

      • Positives:

      – Good resolution

      – The Pro Pen 2 is said to be accurate and comfortable.

      – Colour accuracy is good

      • Negatives:

      – In built legs that cannot be adjusted

      – For physical buttons, remote needs to be purchased

      So, that was about the Wacom drawing tablet for you. JustInReviews is your destination for technology reviews.

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