Xbox One X Review: Curtain Raiser

Xbox One X

Xbox One X

Xbox One X


    4K HDR gaming



      • Audio And Dolby Atmos
      • Ultra Hd Blu-ray Player


      • Skewed price-performance ratio

      Revealing the Xbox One X from Microsoft.

      JustInReviews would like to raise the curtain over Xbox One X, under this technology review. We will check out the various aspects related to it !

      1. Hardware and Design:

      As far as the pure hardware is concerned, the Xbox One X is found to be very fascinating. Its 6 teraflops of horsepower is generally equal to a mid to top of the line PC gaming GPU, which on the market today costs practically as much as the console itself. So when you consider that alongside its 6 teraflops of computing power the Xbox One X additionally accompanies 12 GB of GDDR5 RAM, and has a GPU engine that keeps running at 1172MHz, it shows up a flat out take.


      The only hardware area that appears to be unremarkable with this gadget is its storage abilities, with just a 1TB hard drive coming as standard. This isn’t crippling or anything, with that all that anyone could need for 10 or so AAA games to be installed on the drive immediately, however considering that we are used to the S’s 2TB hard drive, it unquestionably felt like a downgrade.

      As far as pure design is concerned, it’s fascinating how Microsoft has conditioned back the console in the Xbox One X, with the framework a somewhat dreary, space grey-black box. This is without a doubt as a result of the transition in demographic pitch for this top notch framework, and keeping in mind that that is in all likelihood the correct choice, as after all you wouldn’t need a showy toy conflicting with your top of the line audio video setup, we do feel the plan does not have a specific desire factor. It will, be that as it may, subtly slot in the middle of your Dolby Atmos decoder and turntable amplifier just perfectly.

      1. Notables and Caveats:

      We noticed a year prior that the PS4 Pro was overkill for any individual who doesn’t have a 4K TV and, on the off chance that anything, the Xbox One X is significantly more so on account of its considerably more prominent accentuation on 4K gaming and viewing, so unless you are as of now snared or are set up to update your entire audio-visual setup, at that point you in all likelihood need to chill for some time.

      1. On the sound front:

      The Xbox One X comes up with support for Dolby Atmos, the company’s new technology audio format, which has sound descended from above you, and additionally in front and behind to make an unfathomably immersive encompass sound experience.

      1. Resolution:

      Xbox One X is substantially more fit for delivering the 8 million or more pixels that are needed for native 4K, while its competitor manages with a few, claimed to be clever, upscaling trickery.

      The foremost advantage of this 4K resolution is unadulterated detailing. With four times the measure of pixels, even the littlest points of interest are obviously noticeable, and even the most inaccessible objects are distinct because of bigger draw distances.

      1. Ultra HD Blu-Ray Player:

      With every one of the means forward Microsoft is taking in the gaming division, it’s anything but difficult to overlook the console is additionally a 4K, HDR media player in its own right, with its Ultra HD Blu-ray player technology update enabling you to consume 4K films and TV programmes without worrying about web buffering, and bring down picture and sound quality.

      1. Cost:

      It costs roughly Rs 33,000

      1. Xbox One X Vs PS4 Pro:

      Xbox One X is preferred technically in fact over the PS4 Pro, as it is more effective and thinks that its less demanding to push native 4K gaming resolutions. Be that as it may, the PS4 Pro can likewise deal with 4K, HDR gameplay too by means of some smart upscaling tech, so everything relies upon your ecosystem inclination, budget (the PS4 Pro is £100 less expensive), and want for an Ultra HD Blu-ray player, which the X comes furnished with.

      1. Pros:

      – Comes with a 4K Blu Ray Player

      – 4K gaming with less up-resolution required than the PS4 Pro

      Enhanced visual quality than Xbox One S or Xbox One

      – Smaller, silent and sleek design

      1. Cons:

      – Launch library known to be poor

      – Yet makes use of up-resolution for some games

      – $500 makes it the most costly console available in the market

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