Xiaomi Mi Band 2 : Reviewing Your Health Partner

Xiaomi Mi Band 2

Xiaomi Mi Band 2



    Health Band



      • Good Battery Life
      • Silent Notifications and Alarms


      • Heart Rate Sensor is Said To Dig In The Skin
      • Dedicated charger

      Today’s fitness product reviews coming from JustInReviews, is different and interesting. We are going to check out the Xiaomi Mi Band 2. Yes, we are talking about the health band.

      • Looks:

      The Mi Band 2, similar to its forerunner, has two parts – a capsule along with a band. The band is made of a rubber resembling material that is said to be comfortable. The gadget has its display on the top, with a large circular button that offers you a chance to check details, e.g. the number of steps you’ve climbed, the distance covered, the calories you’ve consumed, and so on. The base of the capsule consists of the heart rate sensor, which juts a bit and tended to delve into our skin.

      • Performance and Features:

      The Mi Band 2 does all that you’d anticipate from a basic level wellness tracker. It monitors the steps taken, distance covered, calories consumed and the amount of rest taken. What’s more, generally, it’s known to be good at following each of the four of these measurements.

      The device will by default record your activities in the Mi Fit app, which is found to be very handy to use. It can now and then pause for a moment or two to perceive when you’ve begun working out, however regardless it ought to be sufficiently accurate for many people.


      The Mi Band 2 likewise features automated sleep tracking, which activates itself quite precisely. Sleep tracking and heart rate detecting are two features that not every person needs, but rather for the individuals who are interested, they seem to function as expected.

      The sign up/sign in process can see a considerable measure of improvement however – it’s as yet not intuitive and many have to force-quit it once before one can sign in.

      On the off chance that you need a latest technology that vibrates when you get calls, messages, and application notifications, in that case, the Mi Band 2 is a decent purchase.

      • Battery Performance:

      This health product’s battery life is said to be remarkable. Following eight days of utilization, the battery was reported to be 75% full. The gadget needs a dedicated charger, which could be an issue in the event that you lose it or forget to carry it with you.

      • Price:

      The Mi Band 2 can be purchased in India at Rs. 1,999 and it is said to be worth the cost.

      • Favorable Factors:

      – Battery life is said to be good

      – Data collection is said to be accurate

      – Silent notifications and alarms

      • Unfavorable Factors:

      – The heart rate sensor is said to dig in the skin

      – The app signing up process requires improvement

      – Comes with a dedicated charger

      Hope that you got an insight into the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 with the help of this review from JustInReviews. Also go through our smartphone reviews.

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