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      No wonder Pune is called an educational hub of India. The city is known to host premier educational institutes that offer some of the best education courses. Fergusson College, better known as FC college, is one of the premier names. In fact, an educational heritage! JustInReviews brings to you the review of this college under college reviews.

      A Brief History:

      Fergusson College was founded way back in 1885, it was set up by the Deccan Education Society (DES). This college was granted the best college award for the year 2002-2003 and it is a first NAAC evaluated college in the year 2004, the Fergusson College is known to be amongst the top colleges of the country.


      The British era and style building of the college still stands tall for all these years! This makes it so special and takes you into that era.


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      The college campus is maintained quite well and the Fergusson College has to offer all the most recent and world class facilities to the students, e.g.

      • Sports facilities:

      Alongside academics, it is extremely vital for the students to be physically fit. The students of this college take an interest in extra curricular activities like games, cultural events and the students are also given military training to make them physically strong and fit. The college is known to offer many sports such as volleyball, cricket, tennis, handball, athletics, football etc.

      • Hostel facilities:

      The college has been known to be offering the best accommodations to its students, it makes them feel as if it is their second house. That’s what students have expressed time and again. Fergusson College has given all the essential facilities to its students.

      Courses offered:

      The college offers a whole range of courses for students. These include…

      BA in Marathi, Economics, Geography, Logic, Sanskrit etc.

      MA in Psychology, English, Economics, Marathi

      B.Sc. in Botany, Biotechnology, Geology, Environmental Science and such other diverse fields.

      M.Sc. in Bio Chemistry, Geology, Botany and such other lofty courses are offered by the school. In every one of these courses, the students can seek after their career and make a brilliant future. Fergusson College does offer professional courses , both at the post graduation level and certificate courses as well.

      That’s what FC College Pune, has to offer you !!!

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