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Currently, the talk of the town is GST. It is there in almost every headline as far as business news is concerned.

Now that we have somewhat got used to the concept of GST, Just In Reviews brings to you the impact of GST on the various segments of the society in the near future


  • GST

    Effect on the consumers:

In excess of 50 % customer products, the cost is expected to lessen. Services like dining, online shopping, telecom, banking etc will become costlier. Buyers should prepare themselves to pay higher bills for such services.

Fuel prices will remain the same as they are not yet included. In case of the vehicle sector, small cars will be cheap while higher end cars will become costlier.

All in all, the consumers will benefit as per business experts.

  • How will the SMEs be affected ?

As per a provision, if the income is lower than Rs 20 lakh per year, there is no requirement for enlistment and paying of GST. In any case, numerous small organizations are vendors to large organizations, and they need to enroll under GST on the off chance that they wish to continue with it.

In the near future, there could be a great deal of problems and the small and medium enterprises will require help from the government and substantial purchasers. Over the long haul, GST would be helpful for all stakeholders, and it will be useful for India’s financial development.

  • What it means for large businesses?

According to the provision, big businesses need to pass on the saving in any of the expenses because of the presentation of GST. In the event that the expenses go up because of supply chains not being prepared with GST enrollments and filings, the expenses will be needed to be absorbed or must be passed on to clients. In any case, no corporate can raise the profits by virtue of GST.

  • Effect on the economy:

GST is probably going to bring a large number of businessmen , who are not paying taxes currently, under the tax bracket and increment the government’s income. It will bring a rise in tax accumulations and diminish the budget deficiency, and the govt. will have the capacity to spend more on financial development. With an estimated 10% development in services inside the economy, service tax accumulations alone can go up to Rs 75,000-1,00,000 crore, a substantial increment over the past year. There will be an expansion in cost to the customers.

The overall picture looks to be promising. It is a wait and watch kind of a thing.

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