Nokia 6.1 Plus Sale Burst On Flipkart: Sold Out In Seconds !

Nokia 6.1 experiences a sale burst on Flipkart. Sold out in a few seconds…!!!

We have seen about the latest Nokia mobiles models with price and features, on JustInReviews, as a part of the smartphone reviews. Today is the turn of Nokia 6.1. But this one is not a review. Instead, we have a news for all the Nokia 6.1 purchase enthusiasts.

Guess what?

Nokia 6.1 was recently on sale on Flipkart, and it went out of stock in under 3 minutes! Yes!

It was a first time that the phone was on sale in India, and this is what happened.

However, this doesn’t come totally as a surprise. That’s because the smartphone had beforehand gathered a considerable amount of attention. This one accompanies a notched screen and was uncovered a week ago, along with the lower-end Nokia 5.1 Plus, which did not go on sale as yet.

Another factor leading to this can be said to be its price. Nokia 6.1 Plus price in India Flipkart was stationed at Rs 15,999. Many found this Nokia 6.1 plus mobile price in India to be an affordable price to pay, for what is being offered.

This incident is something new for a Nokia phone in India. However, according to the Flipkart sources, as many as 150 units of the Nokia 6.1 Plus were sold each second, for those three minutes. An approximate calculation would propose that the brand sold a sum of around 27,000 units on Flipkart alone, yet this is just an estimate until the point that correct numbers are furnished by the company.

But the prospective buyers of the gadget who could not buy it in the first go, need not feel saddened, as the next sale date is said to be September 6 on Flipkart. So, be prepared!

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