CRB Tech Review :Is CRB Tech Providing 100% Placement Guarantee?

CRB Tech









  • Best training institute
  • Life time placement support
  • Monthly stipend until placement


  • Very strict management
  • Regress training hours

Is CRB Tech Providing 100% Placement Guarantee? Here is answer..

Today we will review CRB Tech who claims to provide 100% placement guarantee. Is it true or not?

So, let’s try to find an answer to this question.

The training and placement domain is a big thing these days. The sector is in great demand with both the recruiters and the job seekers seeking its services. The domain promises immense growth in the coming years.

What are the factors that have led to this sector flourishing so much? Let’s get into the details and try to understand….

We will begin this write up by seeing the need for corporate training/why corporate training is required, and then proceed towards elaborating the other points.

Why corporate training ?

Corporate training holds a great value in today’s times. Not only for freshers, but also for working professionals. In fact, it has become a necessity of sorts.

Benefits Of Corporate Training:-

Corporate training has a number of benefits. These include, clear circumstances when new learning or outlook changes inside the working environment are in no way, optional. Be that as it may, the advantages of corporate training reach out past that, and there are distinctive advantages to picking it over other more established learning models, in present day times also.

  • It provides the capacity to effortlessly integrate new technologies into the learning regimen, so that hands on can turn into a more possible way to deal with instructing. This is a phenomenal thing, as hands on, or learning by doing practically, is the manner by which a great many people would like to learn, and how they most capably do as such.

A boon, especially for the freshers. What better than to have a hands on for a particular technology?

  • No other model besides these can take into consideration this sort of adaptability and human perspective, however, corporate training and organizational models can, in light of the fact that they are based on top of the human dynamic, not in an unbending structure that everything except rather precludes it to come to fruition.

  • They cover a bigger number of individuals as a unit, making for more extensive powerful scope of employment, and a less demanding groups of units to manage, track and measure.

  • Employee satisfaction and retention:

A research conducted a year ago demonstrated that in organizations that invest significantly more in training (the research demonstrated an average of $178,868 every year), employees are more likely to stay there past their first year, and additionally they will probably meet or even go over the expected performance targets.

These are just a few, but sufficient to underline the importance of corporate or organisational training. CRB Tech Review would like to agree with the same.

Corporate training is even more important and essential in case of freshers. In fact, you would be surprised to know that companies prefer hiring freshers over their experienced counterparts. Some of the reasons being:

  – Cheaper hiring cost

  – Lower attrition rate

  – Better attitude

  – Adaptive capabilities and openness towards innovation.

Going further, these days, companies prefer hiring trained freshers. It helps them save on the “training cost” and “training time” aspects. Companies directly deploy them on live projects.

That is the reason why organizations these days, rely on dedicated corporate training service providers such as CRB Tech. In fact, they look for tie-ups with such corporate trainers in the market.

Freshers are often known to be lacking on the soft-skills part and that overshadows even if they are technically sound.

A standout amongst the most essential aspects of corporate training is soft skill training, which has caught over the recent 10 years. It costs a whopping 5 times more for any organization to get a new client. Organizations today understand this and are looking for customer retention. Soft skills training encourages employees to make a considerable association with the customers consequently holding them for quite a long time. The significance of soft skills training is additionally seen through a broadly known actuality that an unsatisfied customer conveys a terrible word of mouth. Along these lines, soft skill training has turned out to be compulsory for Corporate Training, which no organization can prevaricate.

All this underlines the significance of corporate training for freshers.

Market Trends – Lack of skilled manpower,colleges fall short:-

Understanding the market trends (past, present and future) is the most vital thing in any field. Specially, for those who are into the training and placement business.

Based on it, they can design modify or upgrade their products or services. It’s the most fundamental thing they need to keep in mind.

Either follow the trend or be the trend !!! else, become history.

Benefits of doing market research:

  • Helps to frame your communication with existing and potential customers.

  • Risk minimization.

  • Helps you to plan ahead.

  • One can identify the opportunities in the industry.

  • Provides a chance to measure yourself against your business rivals.

The harsh reality in our country today is that India is experiencing the lack of skilled manpower. As indicated by a great deal of studies and research conducted over the past one year, the stats have demonstrated there are such a large number of various sectors in India like Information technology, mining and so forth. Not just this, the nation is confronting skilled manpower shortage in the field of media and film industry. It is accounted for that the field will need around 3 lakh professionals in the following 10 years.

Also, consider around 15-20 lakh graduates passing out each year; with around 4-5 lakh job vacancies across various sectors. Yet the demand is not met !

The question that emerges now is the reason there is a lack of talented labor in India. There are a number of reasons that could be ascribed to it. Here is a look at the major one:

The current education system in India is not the one that targets developing skilled individuals. The issue emerges with regards to taking care of the demand for skilled labor. In the Indian education system, the education is not provided in view of some expertise or career prospective and that is the thing where the problem occurs. Majority of the organizations that hire individuals invest time, energy and money in training them in the first place, which itself, is a noteworthy block in the field of business.

That’s where arises the need of corporate training and placement providers like CRB Tech. Only these can bridge the gap between the demand and supply of skilled professionals by providing a filtered talent pool to the employers, based on their requirements.

Company Requirements:-

Having a clear understanding of the requirements of recruiting companies is necessary for the job seekers. Many a times, due to lack of understanding of the requirements, candidates tend to go off track during their interviews. Knowing about the requirements helps you to frame your answers accordingly. You can do the interview preparation accordingly.

After all, it’s all about matching the requirements.

Requirements matched == Get the job!

The training and placement program at CRB Tech is designed by professionals and industry experts after a thorough research of the job market and the company requirements.

Candidates are trained based on their domain requirements. Specialized interview training is also provided. Soft skill training forms an integral part of the training and placement program at CRB Tech.

After all, be it any damn employer/domain, good soft skills is a basic requirement these days.

CRB Tech has an association with a number of renowned placement clients across domains. These include names like Eternus Solutions, Moldtek, Syntel, L&T etc. It helps in knowing about their job requirements and mold the students accordingly.

This is the biggest advantage of having collaborations with such renowned employers in the industry.

Challenges / Issues faced by students:-

Students face a number of challenges as they venture out looking for a job. It is not as easy as get a degree and get a dream job right away. Forget dream, even a job! There could be a number of reasons for the same.

Let’s try to understand at least some of them.

One of the primary reasons which can be thought of, at least in our country is the gap between academic knowledge and the real-time requirements. Although this scenario is changing slowly, by and large, the gap is still there.

Other factors include:

  • Lack of professional training during academics:

This is the result of lack/shortage of expert academicians. Age old educational system that is still being followed.

  • Lack of practical knowledge/hands on training.

The major emphasis of our educational system is on imparting theoretical knowledge. Performance of students is judged based on the scores they get.

  • Unaware of the industry requirements.

The structure of our educational system is such that students pass out with very less or no knowledge about the industry requirements.

  • Lesser or lack of knowledge about the current industry trends.

The focus of our educational system is on bookish knowledge. Lack of revised syllabus.

  • Weak in soft skills

It is not taught at the school or college levels.

  • Eligibility criteria for companies

Nobody tells them about the same.

  • Freshers tag

Students do not get a chance to work on live projects. Therefore, getting rid of this tag becomes difficult.

  • Lack of confidence

This could be the summation effect of the above mentioned factors.

A bit too much to expect from the students to overcome, as they set out to make a career !

Taking into consideration the above mentioned pointers, it is quite evident that professional expertize is required in this domain as well. Not only by the students, but by recruiters as well.

This is where professional training and placement service providers like CRB Tech, come into the picture. They have career professionals who can help and guide you at each and every step. You can benefit from their years of expertize and research in this field.

Look for such best training institute, for a career boost.

What CRB Tech really does and helps candidates:

CRB Tech has designed its training and placement program, taking into consideration all the above mentioned aspects. This helps in bringing the desired results and in achieving the set objectives. That’s the reason CRB Tech is the first choice of candidates and recruiters alike.

Let’s now elaborate on the above points one by one:

  • Corporate training & CRB Tech:

Understanding the importance of corporate training, CRB Tech provides intensive corporate level training to the candidates across varied domains like IT, Mechanical, Clinical research etc. So, when they walk out, they are job ready. Here we are mainly talking about the freshers.

From the recruiter’s perspective, it helps them save on the in-house training time and budget. CRB Tech makes available a talent pool that is ready to go on job. Recruiters just need to get them trained on the specific requirements of their particular projects. Rest of the things are already taken care of by training and placement service providers like CRB Tech.

In today’s times, it is essential that job seekers undergo such corporate training. Especially, if you are a fresher. It proves to be extremely beneficial.

  • Market trends & CRB Tech:

The team of career experts and researchers at CRB Tech keeps a close eye on the latest market trends. After analyzing these trends, desired modifications are done in the existing training and placement programs. It is adapted to suit the ongoing trends. The final objective being the benefit of candidates.

CRB Tech candidates do not have to worry about the trends. They just need to concentrate on their studies and performance. CRB Tech takes care of the “trends” aspect.

  • Company requirements & CRB Tech :

We have seen the importance of knowing the company requirements while applying for a job, in the beginning.

The training and the placement team at CRB Tech prepares the candidates based on the company requirements. Be it the aptitude part, technical interview part etc. Requirements change from company to company, even they are domain specific.

Being in this field for long, experts at CRB Tech understand the company requirements very well. They guide the students on how to answer the interview questions based on the company/job requirements. This benefits the students to crack even the toughest of interviews.

Even mock interviews are conducted so that the candidates get a better feel of the real-time interviews.

  • Challenges/Issues faced by students:

Let’s take a look at how training and placement service providers like CRB Tech can help students overcome the various issues/challenges they face, while shaping their careers:

   – Domain oriented professional training is provided.

   – An opportunity to work on live projects is provided.

   – Candidates are made aware about the industry requirements. Sometimes, through interactions with the industry experts.

  – Students are given information regarding the latest trends in their domain.

 -Soft skill training is provided, which includes communication skills etc. That ensures overall development.

  – Recruiters quite often relax their criteria for applicants coming through such training and placement companies. This is not the case when applicants approach all by themselves.

  – Freshers tag is taken care of by giving the candidates a chance to work on live projects. It adds to their experience.

  – All this results into an increase in confidence of the candidates. That’s what is required after all.

Here’s a review of CRB Tech

To build a successful career, having a solid foundation is necessary. By foundation I mean, having the desired skill set, getting certified etc. For that, professional assistance has become the need of the day.

That’s where CRB Tech and other such staffing and recruitment companies hold a key for a solid base, on which your career can be built. 100% placement guarantee

100% Placement Guarantee:-

They would provide you an edge over the others through their specialized training and placement programs. Not to forget the 100% placement guarantee provided by them. With their expert guidance and help, you can enter into the professional world with confidence!

Came across this caption from CRB Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. which says “Jobs are owned by the company and you own your career!” Found it to be such an impactful statement. Speaks a lot about them…

For feedback of CRB Tech, you can visit their website.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About CRB Tech Reviews

  1. Is CRB Tech good or not?

CRB Tech is a renowned and most reliable training and placement institute. It is one of the largest career development companies with a respectable reputation. CRB Tech has over 20 years of experience in this educational training sector and has placed many aspirants in reputed companies, making it most valued and sought-after training facilitator.


  1. Is CRB Tech training programme genuine or legit?

CRB Tech offers its training programmes with an agreement on a legal bond paper. It also provides a domain training certification for the candidates once a candidate accomplishes their course. Such genuine offerings show and clarifies that CRB Tech offers a certified and authentic training program.


  1. Other training institutes make fake promises. Does CRB Tech do the same?

Not very sure of others, but CRB Tech is an established brand in the educational training industry. It fulfils the commitments it makes to the candidates. E.g. it assures placement in the form of a 100% job guarantee along with an agreement. The CRB Tech does not believe in fake things.


  1. What about CRB Tech placement record?

CRB Tech clearly states that it holds a 100% placement record. How? Well, CRB Tech has a strong collaboration with over 500 MNCs and MLCs. With the benefit from its association with these many companies, CRB Tech has placed many candidates in reputed firms. CRB Tech has even placed many candidates during their training period. Also, adding an advantage for the candidates, CRB Tech offers lifetime support assistance as well.



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