College Review: Getting Inside The ILS Law College

ILS Law College









  • Self improvement in all aspects
  • Experienced Faculty


  • Higher Fees

Reviewing the ILS Law College.

This time, JustInReviews has once again returned with college reviews. Get ready for a visit inside this prestigious and one of the best law colleges in India.

  1. Faculty:

There are some faculties who are said to be very good. Students read the books written by them and they instruct from their own study material! Such is the command a few faculties are said to have. The faculties are known to be kind of semi tutors, who prefer and maintain an open door policy to their cabins, some serving as career counselors to numerous.


ILS Law College

  1. Campus stroll:

The law college campus is like a hill station. One truly feels fortunate to have such surroundings at times where schools battle to discover straightforward playing or a recreational space. It is a routine pattern amongst seniors and alumni who live in Pune to keep returning to the college for this extremely delightful reason. (Albeit one may cut off citing nostalgia as the key defender).

  1. Extracurricular Activities:

On the off chance that there is one statement that connotes the notice board, it would be ‘Change is the sole constant’. Anytime in the college, there is something or the other going on. Subsequently, taking into account the wide cluster of students and particularly, the faculty intrigue. It’s sensational how students transform themselves into splendid event managers and arrange orientations, guiding sessions, seminars, competitions, different clubs and cells the college and the students cooperatively run!

  1. Library:

Now, this is the premier advantage of joining the ILS law college. A treasure of books sits in this delightful, as of late restored and redesigned library. No big surprise, it is continually swarming with students. Rare autobiographies and the case records (AIRs) kept up are said to be appreciable. Many do allude to the online databases, however, hardcore mooters (mooting is a viable exercise held for students so they take in the craft of advocacy and is the best piece of any law school) know the delight got from hard bound writings. The photocopying guy likewise knows and underscores with the students on this.

  1. Canteen:

The college has separate canteens for the students. It has abundant space for them.

  1. Alumni:

A wide 7 star spread is seen here. Right from Justices to Ministers to well known Industrialists to renowned professors. The law college has never felt short of star alumni. To be honest, it is these alumni that give an establishment such elite status, and not governmental and other acknowledgment. To be a piece of this legend is humbling and inspiring simultaneously.

  1. Hostel Facility:

The college has a separate hostel for both the boy and girl students.

  1. Fees:

The fees for the 2015-16 academic year, were as follows:

Rs 1,65,000 for the Foreign students, and Rs 1,38,000 for the rest. This is just to give you an idea. They can be subject to change.

  1. Thumbs up:

– Formidable faculty

– Nature friendly campus

– Good library facility

  1. Thumbs down:

– Campus roads are said to require improvement

– An ATM and a bank is absent on the campus

– Fees could be heavy on the pocket of many

Hope you liked this review from JustInReviews. See you next time with more of education reviews.


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