Stree 2018 Bollywood Movie Review: Get Ready For A Comic Horror Ride

‘Stree’ 2018 Bollywood movie review..

After watching the Stree 2018 Bollywood movie trailer, most of you must have got curious as to what’s on offer. To kill your curiosity, JustInReviews is here with the movie review of Stree, as a part of Bollywood updates and latest news.

  • The Plot:

The spooky town of Chanderi happens to be haunted by a unique legend. The soul of a furious lady stalks men amid the festive season. Amid these four evenings, the soul, essentially alluded to as Stree, calls out to men when they are alone. On the off chance that the men respond by turning around, the Stree takes them away, deserting just their garments! Chanderi’s tailor specialist and wonder man, Vicky (Rajkummar Rao) falls for a mysterious girl (Shraddha Kapoor) who appears just amid the four days of the festive period. Her vanishing act leaves his friends in a suspicious state and they begin trusting that she might be the Stree who haunts the town.

  • Review:

One can say that Stree does quite well with the comic part, yet even with a few LOL minutes, the film appears to be a bit long. As the end nears, the motion picture sheds the comic horror treatment and turns into a serious one about the regular ghost heart stabbing sort of ideas that frequently play out in case of horror movies. Likewise, it doesn’t digest well that a film trying to depict respect towards ladies, has got a song that goes Kamariya, where men move around a skimpily clad Nora Fatehi.

One feels that the dialogues could have been better, considering the absurd situations, and the lines often seem underwritten — however, this is less obvious when veterans such as Vijay Raaz and Pankaj Tripathi appear on the screen. The chuckles keep coming at times, and the plot appears sloppy and rushed at times. The ideas work fine, however, the written work could have been better.

As far as the leading Stree movie 2018 cast is concerned, majority would find Rao likeable as always, particularly when rattling off sorts of blouses, however, this one may address to as a too eager performance from the conviction point of view. Rao’s adorable stuttering looser is a character we have seen previously and there isn’t much uniqueness to be found here, however there are a couple of moments when the actor evokes something striking.

It is Shraddha Kapoor, who conveys a certain appeal to her at first equivocal character, yet once the film gives her more opportunity, she battles in contrast with the fine performers who support her.

So if interested, you can plan to watch this one on weekends.

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