Thor Ragnarok Movie Review: Best From The Marvel World ?

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This one comes from the world of Hollywood and is the highly anticipated Thor Ragnarok !

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Ragnarok grasps the comedy at the core of the ludicrously posture overwhelming superhuman class, and advises us that men who fly here and there in cloaks and tights are there to be laughed at, paying little attention to mythology and budget. This is a film that adores at the altar of the odd, commending the far-out art of comic book visionary Jack Kirby close by the capricious stylings of Jeff Goldblum. On Sakaar, a planet Kirby may well have storyboarded, Goldblum essays a character called the Grandmaster who wears a golden robe, has a fluoride-blue goatee and – as befits every single conspicuous Grandmaster – feels comfortable around a turntable.


While these kind of movies have seen incoherently stratospheric highs, the lows have – as lows have a tendency to be – been frightful, similar to an automatic chinwag with fire evil Surtur. Its a well known fact that – even among Marvel apologist. Thor: The Dark World is the series’, and the sprawling Marvel Cinematic Universe’s known to be weakest film. Indeed, even its director, Alan Taylor, has since turned out and freely voiced his disappointment with the last movie – he didn’t claim up to it, however rather pointed the accuse soundly towards Marvel, blaming them for reviewing his film to the point of being unrecognizable.

This one is a comic drama Mel Brooks would be pleased with, a level out entertainer that features progressively (and more entertaining) gags than any blockbuster in the present year, and also a phalanx of good actors having an irresistibly good time. Add to that a thrilling and bouncy score by Devo front man MarkMothers baugh, one that sounds both epic and eight-piece, and innovative visuals that give careful consideration to the subtle elements – Grandmaster’s sandals, Hulk’s bachelor pad – than to the unavoidable action set-pieces, which are themselves made amazing in light of the punchlines accentuating the punches. What’s more, it even says Throg.

Goldblum is clearly smashing – the way he demurely overlays in on himself when Thompson strokes his cheek is a wondrous thing – and has seemingly the best lines in a film made solely of extraordinary lines, while Waititi himself plays Korg, a gripping warrior made of rocks, regrets and inexhaustible optimism. There are numerous agreeable cameos, obviously, and – as tradition manages – you should hold up till every one of the credits are finished rolling.

This is what you can expect from this latest Hollywood movie.

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