Andhadhun Movie Review: Report Card of the Ayushmann-Radhika Apte Starer Thriller

How is this Ayushmann-Radhika Apte starer thriller Andhadhun movie review? Find out…

For all those who saw the Andhadhun trailor and felt excited to watch the movie, JustInReviews presents you with the Andhadhun movie review. So, here’s your latest Bollywood update, in the form of this movie review.

With this one, director Sriram Raghavan clears your sense of taste as the initial 20 minutes or so cautiously delay with a liberal dance, song, and character development scenes and post that – it occurs. One barely find time to fasten your belt and all of a sudden you end up riding on a roller coaster ride with some really serious and quite unique thrills.

For a thriller film that is focused on a number of murders, the film is surprisingly funny. A long sequence, specifically, happens with figured out theatrical thrills, which appears to be aggravating yet hilarious. Truth be told, one can say that the strain breathes life into the whole film – there’s steady humour in the midst of horror, making you chuckle and heave simultaneously.

Towards the beginning of the film, the audience is introduced to Pramod Sinha (Anil Dhawan), who happens to be a well known actor from the ’70s era whose fame has vanished yet his narcissism hasn’t. On the living room walls of his house, one can see his movies’ posters (Honeymoon, Chetna, Darwaza – films that featured Dhawan himself, a meta parallel story unfurling independently); in his bedroom, one can see his framed photograph; he again and again watches his own movies late at night, recalling scenes and dialogues and, probably, sentiments that have been vanquished by time. His better half, Simi (Tabu), a one time failed actress, still wishes to act. Then there happen to be different characters acting in crucial, basic ways.

Speaking about the Andhadhun cast, Ayushmann Khurana appears smooth, fine tuned and believable portrayal. While Radhika Apte has conveyed a natural and an effort free performance. Tabu also does a fine job in the film. The supporting cast has also carried out a good performance.

Andhadhun release date being yesterday, you can now watch the movie in theaters.

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