Baaghi 2 Movie Review: Better Than the First?

JustInReviews presented you with the review of Baaghi. Now, its the time for part 2, i.e. ‘Baaghi 2’. So, as a part of the Bollywood latest update, here we come with the review of this recently released sequel in the Baaghi franchise.

  • Plot:

Neha (Disha Patani) requests her ex Ranveer (Tiger Shroff) who also happens to be an army man, to find the whereabouts of her 3-year-old daughter Rhea, who has been seized 2 months back. Ranveer alias Ronny is required to fathom the mystery of the missing kid.

  • Review:

At the point when Tiger Shroff stands, pectorals shining, eyes glaring, arms akimbo, artistically etched jawline straining, we can trust that his foes—them being a muscular duo or innumerable assault rifle rattling baddies—will fall to the ground resembling flies surrounding him. Actually, they do, in large numbers: this is a guarantee both the film and our protagonist lives up to.

Baaghi 2 can be called as a full scale action drama flick that comes with its share of suspense and spine chiller elements. The first half is used to setup the story. A distressed mother in Disha Patani contacts her ex-boyfriend Ronny for help. Be that as it may, at the point when Ronny begins handling the case, he discovers that nobody has an idea about Neha’s little girl. The plot development happens at a moderate speed yet in a steady manner and as the interval arrives, the film does figures out how to arouse some interest. A lot of time is spent in building up the story, the suspense factor and its characters. There are a couple of action scenes in the first half, yet the major focus remains on Neha’s and Ronny’s equation and the manner in which their past influences their present.

However, the issue with an all out Bollywood masala film can be said to be the manner in which the film unfolds. In this case, some elements are inspired from the Telugu film Kshanam, while the other elements can be said to be all in all Bollywood: the endeavor to bring about a contrast gets diluted.

Sooner or later, as expected, all the action appears like seen before, regardless of whether it is going on in the city of Goa, where a great part of the film is based, or in the wildernesses, area unspecified, where the somewhat lengthy climax occurs.

The second half however transforms into a different story of sorts. The moderate pace of the first half transforms into twists and turns in the second half to reach a climax that could seem not so intriguing to many. The surprise factor to an extent, is absent.

As far as the performances go, Tiger is lucky to have around him, an amazing supporting cast. There’s the hugely talented Manoj Bajpayee as a senior police officer; Randeep Hooda playing the “charsi” undercover agent; along with Deepak Dobriyal essaying the role of a shady-yet-kind-hearted automobile dealer with a side business in drugs! They take the film to another level each time they appear on the screen, knowing their position in the pantheon (the protagonist at the top, others beneath him, awaiting their turn), and sparkling as such. At last, it boils down to Tiger as he shines to some degree.
One wishes that this was actually a solid cast, with balanced sharing rights, since then it would be quite a lot more intriguing. What remains is the invincible hero in the villains stronghold, combating one man post other, through one assault after another, in his most recent desi-Rambo version.

All that one could say about the film is that, if you are an action lover, and that too ala Tiger style, then you can go for it…

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