Beyond The Clouds Movie Review: The Majid Majidi’s First Indian Venture !

Review of Majid Majidi’s latest movie ‘Beyond The Clouds’

JustInReviews is all excited to bring you the dose of latest Bollywood update, in the form of this movie review. After all, the Majid Majidi takes you ‘Beyond The Clouds’ in his first ever Indian film outing! We hope that just like us, you are also excited to know about this movie. Here’s your review….

A gang of young guys has cracked a good deal in drugs and have returned to their ‘adda’. This is when one of them begins to breakdance on AR Rahman’s music booming in the background. He gets on to a car rooftop and performs his moves. Abruptly, the police arrives and they are back to running and their rough, cruel life on streets. To say, this can be called the tone of Beyond The Clouds. You’re continuously on the run and there is very little solace in it.

The film’s protagonist in Aamir (Ishaan Khatter) happens to be an ambitious drug dealer, who works out his time between pick-ups and drops and free-styling over dumped vehicles. At the point when his sister Tara (Malavika Mohanan) is captured for breaking the head of a man who attempted to force himself on her, a solitary situation is developed. Aamir must guarantee that his sister’s attacker is kept alive — regardless of whether it requires caring for his non-Hindi talking family (involving his mom and two girls). The film succeeds in keeping one intrigued, however, may be not inquisitive about the events to take after. May be one can tell about how this will end, however, it’s not the reason one approves of a Majidi film.

Iranian filmmaker Majid Majidi (Children Of Heaven, Baran fame) discovers Mumbai to be a contrast amongst ghettos and high-storeys. He puts his analogies around the possibility of the maximum city and how everybody is carrying on with a dual life. How individuals’ inward longing for affection, camaraderie and a respectable life is getting their lives under way.

The initial couple of minutes of the film walks us through commonplace Mumbai visuals like — CST station, slums and in addition the dhobhi ghaat. All things considered, he figures out how to draw empathy for his characters by putting them in complex situations that lead them to fall back on edgy measures. Be that as it may, as in majority Majidi films, the lingering all-encompassing message is consoling — in spite of everything, there’s adequate good in each one of us, regardless of the thing that it might surface just once in a while.

One can say that Majidi gets into his groove in the second half with the introduction of some new characters. A mental battle between ravenousness, treachery, love and innocence surfaces. His mastery with kids comes helpful while he surges the screen with pictures and grins.

Now, the performances….

Ishaan Khatter who has made his debut with this film, can be said to have performed somewhere within being calculated and overenthusiastic. Bursting in between with his feelings and words, Khatter appears eager to exhibit his range as an actor and conveys the same for a larger part. In any case, Malavika Mohanan’s melodramatic character Tara might appear somewhat overbearing and her overstated interpretation of her character’s circumstances brings about much chest-beating. Bengali director Gautam Ghose is well thrown to play a man with dirty motives and his settled look is sufficient to bring about adequate dread.

Theme-wise, Beyond The Clouds can be said to be one single film, however it’s disconnected tonally. At times, it appears you’re watching two stories battling hard to come full circle at the same crossroads. Luckily, there are some patent Majidi scenes that may provoke you to shed tears.

It requires a Majidi to transcend the plot and offer viewers with trust when things appear south. Indeed, even here, he’s resolved to influence it to stick. It might not be a profound, intriguing, dis-joining experience one as a rule has when acquainted with unfaltering spirits and individual accounts that his films are known for. Be that as it may, it’s without a doubt reminiscent of his past work and sparkles up a craving to return to them.

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