Blackmail Movie Review: What To Expect From This Irrfan Khan Starer?

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Blackmail happens to be the release of the week and here we are with the film’s review.

Beginning with the storyline of the film…..

Dev (Irrfan) happens to be a salesman who sells toilet paper. One evening, he chooses to flavor up his routine everyday life and dull marriage, by reaching home from work earlier than normal, with a rose bouquet for his better half. To his shock, his wife is sleeping with another man. This stunning sight prompts a progression of events which are both entertaining and over the top.

On finding out about his wife’s infidelity, Dev begins extorting her sweetheart Ranjit (Arunoday Singh), who in response blackmails Dev’s better half. Result being more drama unfurling once rest of the characters from Dev’s life coming to know of his extorting plans.

The pace of the initial half of the film is somewhat on the slower side. It requires time to build every one of the plots, yet, the humor aspect remains fresh and entertaining. The latter half can be called a laughter roller coaster. Once every one of the plot unfurls, the circumstances turn oddly funny. Direction from Abhinay Deo can be said to be on the money. Post his dark parody Delhi Belly, he seems to have cracked yet another in this category with Blackmail. The sublime latrine humor in this one, makes you recall Delhi Belly.

The thing that nobody’s a ‘doodh-ka-dhula’ pure, and that everybody has a dark side or quirkiness is the thing that can transform well-portrayed dark comedies into so much fun. Over here, a few surprises do jump out at us, particularly in case of Gokhale and Irrfan, she shredding off her nice lady garb, uncovering her claws, and he backing off, and moving. Whatever is left of it, even in the welcoming speedier second half, might feel tiresome for some.

The backbone of Blackmail can be said to be the hero and the main character manages to strike a decent harmony between funny and dark. Characters appear bumped off, in some cases in most bloody detail and bizarre incidences unfurl, however, the film can be said to not lose its character of being simple, dark humor. This can be called amongst the wickedly funny films that we’ve seen in quite a while.

As far as the music of the film goes, (Amit Trivedi) wonderfully emphasizes the correct scenes. Titled Badla, the rap starring Trivedi and Divine has been impact making, and it provides great energy to the storyline. Remember Omi Vaidya who returns with his insane American twang continues empowering Dev by saying, “shake it up” (pun proposed!). Additionally, there happens to be a zany tune titled

Sataasat with lyrics insinuating truly shaking it off!

Speaking about the performances, the guy who keeps us watching, in any case, has to be Irrfan, who essays a jerk-off craftsman and blackmailer as basically a not too bad person making the most of a bad job.

He is amongst those actors who can with minor transitions, uncover an inside life; he can portray without saying.

Arunoday Singh, playing the wacky track-suit wearing bad guy, is nothing but rage. This one is amongst the high points of his career. Divya Dutta’s portrayal as Ranjit’s drunken and dominating spouse adds to the beguilement. Her scenes with Arunoday have turned out to be engaging. Additionally, Kriti Kulhari, is nice in her part as the philandering spouse.

With this on the platter, its for you to decide whether to go for it or not.

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