Bucket List Movie Review: Madhuri Dixit Finally Makes Her Marathi Debut !

JustInReviews would like to share with you, this latest Bollywood news. We are sure that all the Madhuri fans would be super excited after hearing it. Dhak Dhak girl Madhuri Dixit has finally made her Marathi debut !!! With this film titled Bucket List. We are here with the movie’s review, for all her fans.

It’s but obvious that Madhuri Dixit is the focal point of attention in her much awaited Marathi debut film, and Bucket List appears to be nearly customized for her in that respect. The 51-year-old superstar can be seen in almost every scene as a mother to two kids, who faces a heart transplant surgery, and tries to satisfy the desires of her deceased donor. It can be called a plot for sweetness and melancholy alike, yet not without an inevitable danger of being sugary and garish. Tejas Prabha Vijay Deoskar’s brainchild can be said to sway between these two results, often attempting to discover a fine balance.

Bucket List begins off in a hospital with Madhura (Madhuri) undergoing a heart transplant. It isn’t too long before she has returned to carry out the daily chores that she has religiously carried out. Out of curiosity, this 41-year-old lady sets out to discover her heart donor who ends up being a 20-year-old girl named Sai. With the help of her family and friends, Madhura finds that Sai has a book with a rundown of desires and wishes that she wanted to complete prior to her 21st birthday. Thus starts Madhura’s journey to return Sai’s debt by doing these tasks which incorporate getting arrested, dancing before an audience, bike riding, kissing her boyfriend and getting drunk. She has six months time to tick the tasks off the list, however, it takes superfluously long particularly when she and Sai have effectively achieved some. A visit to Langkawi, just to shoot a Gerua-resembling romantic song, might appear pointless and drags the film.

Bucket List seems to work best when Dixit tries her hand at a 20-year-old to do list, however one wishes those portions came along more frequently. They are the ones that make the film enjoyable. Additionally, one would expect the wants of a young girl to be more gutsy and nervy than figuring out how to ride a bike, dance etc. Be that as it may, the film takes no chances and stays safe with an universal appeal, thus targeting a family audience. You realize that for certain when you watch an assortment of brand product placements such as Make My Trip, Saraswat Bank etc. which are all focused towards families.

Where Tejas Prabha Vijay Deoskar scores is give his hero exciting encounters/sketches that drive her out of her comfort zone. They prevalently include Madhura’s amusing grand mother-in-law (Shubha Khote conveying cracking lines) and her energetic friend played by Resham Tipnis persuading her to forego her toady ways and be somewhat mischievous and figure out how to live for herself. These portions are a genuinely necessary diversion from the intense drama unfurling wherein Sai’s miffed twin sibling lectures Madhura on how she is removing the spotlight from his sister’s contribution, Madhura’s rebel like daughter who always undermines her and her better half (Sumeet Raghavan) who gives her freedom just with the condition that she keeps on being the ideal housewife.

Where Bucket List falls short can be said to be that the time of self-revelation of its protagonist is quite sudden and probably less convincing. What Madhura gains on a personal level or the progressions she encounters by playing out the tasks is not quite clearly laid out. The film could have worked better in the event that it distinguished a couple of things that Madhura herself wished for. Deoskar is further liable of sketching Madhura as quite naive, her holier-than-thou picture isn’t totally reasonable. She might not know what parkouring and “going viral” is but rather most likely she can’t be that ignorant regarding the various kinds of liquor available? The quarrels amongst Madhura and her family show up all of a sudden, just to underline the countdown that flies up on the screen sporadically. Renuka Shahane as Sai’s mom has a fleeting appearance, a role with numerous conceivable possibilities, however, probably never fully figured out.

Independent of who this film is intended for, Bucket List will in all probability draw in a crowd on the sheer fame factor of Dixit. The film doesn’t throw any challenges at the actress for her to disappoint in any manner.

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