The Cost Of Nita Ambani’s Latest Phone!

This is the latest news to arrive from the Reliance owners; the Ambani’s. Some may call it a shocking news, while others may term it as an interesting one.

Guess what?

It is regarding the price of Mukesh Ambani’s better half, Nita Ambani’s phone. Well, you simply cannot imagine!

Nita Ambani happens to be a non-executive director of Reliance Industries. She is the owner of the Mumbai Indians cricket team that won the current year’s IPL competition. Be that as it may, this is by all accounts not the only thing Nita Ambani is well known for. The woman has a distinct fascination for gadgets and therefore, she utilizes only the ultimate gadgets.


falcon apple


Nita Ambani’s phone has turned into a sensational news on the web. Netizens are stunned to know the cost of the phone that she possesses.

Well, its time to reveal….

While majority of the Ambani family is known to have Blackberry phones; Nita Ambani possesses a Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond. The cost of her phone is 48.5 million dollars, that is, around 315 crore !!! Yes, you heard it right, its a whopping 315 crore !!! Fainted?

About the phone:

Apple manufactures this model only if a special order is placed. It was initially launched in the year 2014. The body comprises of 24 carat gold and the pink gold makes the phone super ultra costly. To make it break proof, the company has added a coating of platinum. A large pink diamond stone on the rear side of the phone completes the look. The makers have made it hack proof. It is extremely unlikely that the phone could be hacked and on the off chance that anybody tries to, a message will be sent to the owner promptly.

Speaking about the richest businessman in India, Mukesh Ambani who happens to be Nita’s husband, is not just known for his riches across the world. He in addition, is known for his amazing business knowledge and best business ideas. Even Nita is known to have excellent business skills. The Ambanis are known to live in the most luxurious manner and their grand way of life regularly turns into the talk of the town.

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