The Fall and Rise Of Nitish Kumar: How Do People See It ?

A lot of things have been unfolding for a past couple of days in Bihar politics. It’s all over the political news circuit. Be it the print or the electronic media.

Here’s a review on the recent happenings in Bihar politics.

Before checking out how the people of Bihar are seeing this political turmoil, let’s first take a look at how things unfolded.

Owing to refusal from Lalu Prasad Yadav with regards to resignation of his son Tejashwi for corruption charges; Nitish Kumar resigned as the chief minister of Bihar. He thus broke alliance with Congress and RJD.


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Nitish Kumar upon resigning, had expressed that he was not able to continue working in that kind of a situation. That in fact, said a lot !

Seizing this opportunity, the BJP led NDA was holding up with an offer to help and they met the Governor the same night to stake claim to form the new government. Nitish Kumar eventually took oath for the 6th time yesterday as Chief Minister and BJP’s Sushil Modi took oath as the Deputy Chief Minister, a post he has held twice some time recently.

That was how the things unfolded in a series of events in Bihar.

How do people look at it?

On the political front,

The sentiment in the party was strongly divided. While a segment of leaders trusted that Nitish was implementing the pressure strategy, and that the alliance can survive, the senior generation of party leaders appeared to have detected the breeze correctly, as a few veterans in the party said the “game seems to be over”.

As far as the common man is concerned,

The initial mood on the social media appeared to have favored Kumar’s choice, hailing him for standing firm against corruption.

On the other hand, many have been speculating on Nitish holding hands with the BJP, particularly in the wake of supporting the candidature of Ram Nath Kovind as the President. Some have even discussed Kumar turning into the next Union defense minister.

Still others, as is the norm, went the meme way on social media!!!

That’s how it goes……

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