Gold (2018) Movie Review: Walk Down The Golden Era Of Indian Hockey !

Gold (2018) movie review. A movie that takes us down the memory lane, in the world of Indian hockey.

Akshay Kumar’s ‘Gold’ film got released on the occasion of India’s independence day yesterday, and you can read the Gold (2018) movie review, right here on JustInReviews.

In line with the recent trend of making films on real life incidences, Gold is yet another attempt. However, this one appears to be more fiction than fact. So let’ see this movie review which tells you story about winning Gold under the free India.

This film mainly focuses on avenging “do sau saal ki ghulami”, so the main protagonist is England, not Pakistan. This is one thing where the Gold movie 2018 differs from other Bollywood sports films.

Akshay essays the part of completely fictional Tapan Das, the name that has been associated with the Indian hockey for quite a long time, from the before World War II years when the ‘British Indian’ hockey magicians under the legendary Dhyan Chand ran ahead of the Germans in the 1936 Berlin Olympics (in the motion picture, we see the cantankerous character playing Hitler step out of the stadium) to the later time, when the freedom struggle and the Quit India movement was at its pinnacle, bringing about the grisly Partition which separated the sub-continent, and destroyed the Indian hockey team. While some shifted to Pakistan, a few to Australia and so on…

Gold movie 2018 starts with the Berlin Olympics hockey finale, where the Indian team wins the gold medal as the Union Jack flies. While Tapan Das half-flashes the Indian flag having the charkha in the center and asks the players to salute the it. The film closes with the London Olympics, by which time India isn’t British India any longer. Both these sequences are handled effectively. The on field action looks exciting while the crowd shown leads to colourful frames.

One cannot say that Akshay isn’t completely there. He immerses himself in his part, portraying the tragic sack when things go astray, not more than tricking his better half played by Mouni Roy for some money related handouts, falling about shakily after his alcoholic sessions, continually making up for himself by keeping his adoration for the game solidly. Be that as it may, this takes up much an excessive amount of screen time, and removes essential focus from the players and the game.

The lead actor of Gold movie Akshay Kumar ought to have been the film’s pillar. He rather appears to end up being its weak link one might feel – he dominates, or by and large totally spaces out, the little genuine stories that may have made the film a more complete product and complex representation of a hockey team that left a mark on the world.

All in all, what makes the film worth a watch, regardless of its issues, can be said to be the flashes of well-performed humor, the clashes between the players, and the exciting finale. The point when the ‘Tiranga’ goes up.

That was JustInReviews’ Gold(2018) movie review, for the cinema buffs out there. For Bollywood latest updates and movie reviews, they can visit our site..

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