Hanuman Vs Mahiravana Movie Review: Mythology In An Animated Avatar!

In this week’s Bollywood latest update, JustInReviews brings to you the movie review of recently released animation film Hanuman Vs Mahiravana.

  • Plot:

Set in the period where the war ends, the story starts with Rama destroying Ravana’s chariot with the devil ending up being at his mercy. While Lakshmana tells his sibling to vanquish the evil lord, Rama declines to kill an unarmed individual as it is against the yudh-dharma and gives him a chance to live, so that he can battle him the following day with the use of weapons in the combat zone. Ravana, altogether disgraced, utilizes this chance to come up with a wicked plan to triumph in the war. He sends Mahiravana a word, his alchemist sibling and the leader of the underworld, to spell his magic and kill both Rama and Lakshmana.

  • Review:

The film visuals appear to be rich, with the surroundings and the locales being a treat to the eyes. The whole of patala loka appears to have been sketched out with such details that to a level, it wouldn’t have looked odd even in a top rated gaming establishment such as the Unchartered or the Tomb Raider. There is one worth mentioning segment which has the breeze god, Vaayu, conversing with his child, Hanuman.

With respect to the subject, the film makers take to mythology, however, as opposed to drawing out the different layers and the multifaceted aspect, it looks as if they have just scratched the superficial layer.

With regards to the presentation of characters, the film performs best when there are at the max two characters on the screen on the grounds that the more number of animated characters present, the more the film winds up looking cartoon like. One of the battle scenes including Rama and Lakshmana feels not upto the mark for this very reason. On one hand the shading, shadows, and lighting appear to be reliably good, at times, the proportion of the body and face feels somewhat lopsided.

In case of animation movies, compared with other kinds, sound assumes a pivotal part. In this film, you can hear a complete orchestra that takes you in the world of epic war films. It comes up in all the correct spots. Indeed, even in a film with such a little runtime (96 minutes), they have figured out how to pack in two songs.

All in all, while the film can be said to be a major advance as far as animated films in India are concerned, it cannot be called exactly to be that huge jump it ought to have been.

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