Honda Amaze 2018 Review: On The Driver’s Seat !

Honda Amaze 2018









  • Automatic gearbox
  • Good fuel efficiency


  • Vibrating sound

Experiencing the latest Honda Amaze 2018.

After quite a while, JustInReviews is back with an auto tech review. This time, we bring to you the Honda Amaze 2018 experience! So, get ready to drive with us.

  • First take:

Different from the first-gen Amaze, this second generation new Honda Amaze is based on an all-new stage, which will serve as a platform for the future models. That implies it is prepared to match the future crash security standards which will get considerably stringent come October 2019. To adopt the required crash-worthiness, the entire body structure has been enriched with thicker cross sections and more grounded crumple zones. The good thing is this hasn’t come at the cost of weight, and, truth be told, is lighter by just about 40kg, owing to the utilization of high-tensile steel, that is known to be lighter and stronger than traditionally pressed steel panels.

  • The exteriors:

The face, contingent upon where you stand, makes you remember the BR-V or City. Exterior wise, the latest Honda Amaze brings along stubby boot with split tail lights that seem to have come out of the new Accord. This one looks bigger than the previous model. While it is spacy by 15mm and longer by only 5mm, the flat hood and the stubby back meet up to influence it to look more generous.

  • Getting inside:

Talking about the interiors, The solid steering appears as though it could have been inspired from a larger Honda. Drivers would probably welcome the latest, cleaner appearing instrument framework which has only two dials with the MID in the middle.

Lots of storage spaces are available to place your smartphone for charging, towards the front and back. Each of the four doors have substantial sized pockets that can carry water bottles worth 1-litre. Likewise, the 420-liter boot is presently the biggest in the class, beating the Tata Tigor by only 1 liter!

The new Amaze car offers a wheelbase that is 65mm elongated than was previously. This, Honda claims, has expanded knee-room for rear passengers by 40mm. Additionally, since there is room below the front seat it becomes easy to push your feet forward in order to extend. Taller occupants are expected to feel genuinely comfortable as head-space has been expanded by 10mm. Honda likewise claims to offer 45mm more shoulder space than previously, and it feels liberal as well.

  • The driving force:

Same as before, in the new Honda Amaze, there’s a four-cylinder, 90hp, 1.2-liter, petrol variant and a 100hp, 1.5-liter, four-cylinder diesel motor, clubbed with either a five-speed manual or an automatic (CVT). The diesel-CVT generates 20% less power contrasted with the manual, and this has been done to keep safeguard the life of the transmission and also guarantee smoother performance.

What’s more, Honda has reportedly made quite a few upgrades to enhance efficiency, and also lessen the vibrations and levels of harshness in the diesel variant.

  • Price:

The estimated price of the new Honda Amaze is Rs 6.00 lakh onwards.

  • Pros:

– More spacious than the earlier model

– CVT gearbox for diesel engine

– Enhanced performance reported

  • Cons:

– Paddle shifters absent in the diesel CVT variant.

– Diesel-CVT generates 20% less power.

– Belongs to the high price bracket

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