Honda Jazz 2018 Review: Top 5 Things No One Would Tell You !

Honda Jazz









  • versatile seats
  • easy to drive


  • thrashy engine

Top 5 things you should know about the 2018 Honda Jazz.

The Honda Jazz Car 2018 happens to be the first upgraded version of the car in a time span of 3 years. So, JustInReviews is pretty sure that people out there would be excited to know about this latest model. Updates, modifications etc….

Guess what?

In this automotive technology review, we have brought for you, top 5 aspects about the latest Jazz car, that no one would tell you about!

  • What are the additions?

The 2018 version of the Jazz comes with a few little touches so as to enhance ease of use, e.g. a front armrest (with storage space below) along with a vanity mirror, for the driver as well.

ABS along with EBD, Dual front airbags, speed-detecting automatic door locks plus sensors for rear parking are currently provided as standard ones.

Honda at last has come up with push button start, passive key-less entry and cruise control.

Major change inside can be called the Digipad 2.0 infotainment that supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Not just is the new setup said to be responsive and smooth than the earlier one, you additionally have 2 USB ports. No free AUX/ USB cables inside the glovebox any longer. Hurray!

One can now go for a fully equipped petrol CVT Jazz.

  • A revamped look?

Some subtle differences. The “Jazz” badge at the back is now positioned towards the left.

New door handles made of chrome (V grade), getting rid of the back spoiler (specific to the VX) and the existing stretched out LED tail lights to the rooftop (specific to the VX).

Updates can be seen in the Honda Jazz overseas model, that made it more distinctive, however, sadly it’s no the case over here.

  • What stands removed?

The magic seats have move towards a Houdini and disappeared from the Jazz’s highlights. Through them, you additionally lose the alternative of a totally black cabin or movable back headrests.

Features like smart key, voyage control etc. have been included only in the diesel and petrol CVT, not the petrol manual version.

Apart from that, the both the SV and E versions do not exist anymore. At present, the base S variant is a diesel-only model, on the other hand, V and VX come with all power-train alternatives.

  • What lies beneath the bonnet?

Despite everything, the 2018 Honda Jazz is powered with 1.5-liter diesel and 1.2-liter petrol engines. While the petrol version comes with a CVT and manual, manual transmission is the only option for the diesel variant. No diesel CVT similar to the Amaze, at present.

  • Attractions and distractions:


– Base variant equips premium hatchback must haves

– Revamped infotainment system

– Key-less entry feature


– A 6-airbag variant is not available

– No adjustable headrests towards the back

Finally, we will talk about the price of this car. Jazz price falls in the range of Rs 7.35-9.29 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi).

Today, we saw some of the must know things about the Honda Jazz car. You can also check out the other product reviews, only on JustInReviews.

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