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Daddy happens to be the latest Bollywood film to have hit the silver screen. It’s based on the life of a real-time gangster. Does Arjun Rampal who’s playing ‘Daddy’ in the film, give justice to the role?

JustInReviews brings to you the exclusive review of Daddy…

Rampal portrays it straight. Film director Ashim Ahluwalia gives the on-screen character no space to extend his character’s inward world. Brief looks and fugitive actions signify making Rampal’s Gawli a standout amongst the most thorough projections of guilty gangsterism as of late.

Since the greater part of this is archived, the screenplay of this biopic offers nothing new as such. Now and again, it even feels like you’re being led starting with one point then onto the next, practically blindfolded.


The director purposely embraces a flat account and takes the audience through the dull, coarse world with least sensation. Thus, there are less earpiercing reactions, yet additionally less snapshots of fear. Once your eyes get used to with the dull chawls and faintly lit lanes, where the gangs work like ghosts, pursued by only one eager, over-aspiring cop, Vijaykar Nitin(Nishikant), you wind up noticeably smug viewing a ‘Crime Patrol’ scene. The sepia-tone/least shading outlines remain quieted and never jump at you. Accordingly, you don’t feel the strain, notwithstanding when some ruthless killings play out. In any case, it is maddening that the vast majority of the performers mutter their discourse and you need to strain hard to hear their aim out.

Other than its technical excellence, the greatest accomplishment of Daddy is its depiction of savagery as quick, offensive and completely monstrous. The shootouts and one would might want to recognize action director Shyam Kaushal, are fierce, pithy and to the point. The executioners do their business with quick polished skill ruling out self-salutary paeans to savagery that Tarantino, Coppola and closer home, Mukul Anand and Mani Ratnam have had practical experience in.

So, here’s what one can do:

Watch the film extremely closely. It is a troublesome however at long last massively remunerating experiencing. The portrayals are sketched in such a detailed manner that the characters are so into their universe of implosion that we are left watching in while never being permitted to be a piece of the design of doom.

That was ‘Daddy’ for you….

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