Salman’s Decision To Compensate For “Tubelight” Losses Not A Good Move?

The latest hot Bollywood news comes from our very own Salman Khan camp and his just released movie Tubelight.

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Tubelight released with a lot of expectations. However, could not live up to them. It turned out to be a flop. In the wake of this, lead actor and superstar Salman Khan decided to compensate the distributors for the losses. As per sources, a first time in Bollywood history.


To repay them for a terrible judgment is to set an unhealthy trend and place each maker in danger in the future. Particularly in instances of halfway “blackouts” where the motion picture does not perform well. There will dependably be chances of resistance towards a film when it is contorted through the crystal of local sentiments and needs. In the event that distributors begin whimpering each time they lose money, the movie makers will never win a profit.

You invest money in stock markets and take your risks. Same is the case over here.

Tubelight’s flop run underlines the fact that there is no such thing as an “ensured” hit. Indeed, even Virat Kohli gets out on a duck every so often. So, every one of these producers and distributors more likely than not been eager to get their worth in the cookie jar prior to the release, supposing they were onto something to be thankful for — and all the more imperatively, a beyond any doubt thing.

Since the moolah hasn’t come in, approaching Salman to begin off a discussion and making a request to be remunerated is not at all reasonable. These folks took a risk on the most loved and it tumbled down and broke a leg.

Additionally, the motion picture is just three weeks old could in any case profit before going out of the theaters. Television rights and reruns and a response from the worldwide audience and amusingly the contribution from Chinese audiences of people to the coffers could in any case observe distributors covering their misfortunes.

Owing to this, it would be interesting to see what happens with other films in the future. Only time can tell !

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