Skyscraper Movie Review: Sky Is The Limit !

Review of Dwayne Johnson’s latest Hollywood flick, Skyscraper.

Hollywood’s latest news is the release of Skyscraper starring our very own Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, and JustInReviews is back with its movie review.

It won’t be wrong to say that only our ‘The Rock’ Dwayne Johnson would go for a film such as the Skyscraper. A movie in which he apparently fights against a kilometer-tall building (and triumphs), an inspirational story about conquering disability.

As a part of his debut action movie, director Thurber appears keen on portraying Dwayne Johnson’s unquestionable superhuman, yet additionally much uncovered talents. He bases the whole story on Will’s attempt to save his wife and kids, the sole inhabitants inside the building, while a villanious sub-plot happens along the building’s numerous floors.

So, our hero does what you’ve come across in the trailers, and almost all the film promotional material: he lets himself off a crane and into the red hot inferno ala a superhero. Call it just a coincidence, Skyscraper has the camera work of the Oscar-winning cinematographer Robert Elswit, who is no more stranger to capturing popular and huge Hollywood stars hanging onto tremendous structures – he’s the brain behind the stunning IMAX photography in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. While one might find Skyscraper fun to watch, it can’t resist the but give a feel of being substantial on the green screen, though Ghost Protocol boasted itself on the close to real-life stunts.

This and a few of the other action scenes are particularly done well, and the director of this action flick – who, surprisingly is one of only a handful of studio movie makers who pens down his own stories – exploits such scenes for everything they have, adequately making the viewers to stress over The Rock’s wellbeing. That one can say is an accomplishment in itself !

Rock’s wife, essayed by Campbell, has some action to her own repertoire, thanks to her being a Navy combat surgeon. Be that as it may, with the Rock being the husband, there is just little that she needs to carry out. An apparently unending supply of duct tape motivates more to do, in an inquisitive sub-plot of own.

Johnson’s image for being a professional and a loved figure across the globe, is expected to enable him to transform into more variety of roles as he continues to grow as an actor. What’s more, one expects to see this change in the near future, may be, when he makes an appearance in his next production. Till that time, let him enjoy his stint of being an action hero – by the way, he surely merits it. What say?

That’s what you can expect from the latest Rock outing Skyscraper. Rock fans would be eager to watch him on the big screen yet again! That’s what we hope.

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