Veere Di Wedding Movie Review: A new concept in Bollywood Cinema

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  • Story:

This story revolves around the lives of four childhood friends Kalindi (Kareena Kapoor Khan), Sakshi (Swara Bhaskar), Avni (Sonam Kapoor Ahuja), and Meera (Shikha Talsania). This movie has lots of current age trends involved in it. Rishabh and Kalindi get married. The four friends meet up after ten years and there has been a drastic change in their life and then what was expected. The film is shot in Delhi exploring the modern day girl’s family life and societal norms.

  • Review:

It is quite familiar to note the concept that love, marriage, and heartbreak in any Bollywood movies. Let us see how this movie is different Veere Di Wedding which is a different prospect that is the four friends are heroines and can live their life the way they wish to be. These four girls are fantastic fours with guts and are open minded to speak whatever they want. It is a woman empowering movie and it is not a very progressive light with fewer mistakes. Nothing holds back these girls and they are very much outspoken and their actions quite well justified and is very much interesting to watch.

The story puts light on the four women and explains their behavior. Kalindi is not interested in marriage but she likes to be in the present and she is in love. Neena Gupta and her daughter Avni are trying to find a suitable groom for her(Avni) but do not get any fruitful output. Sakshi is afraid of marital bondage and pressure. Although Meera is married and has a child her married life is not quite happier.

The four characters are quite carefree. The story could have been different with more exposure to each character so that the audience can feel their character. Currently, it is just understanding the character but not traveling or living with it.

You can find lots of funny moments and few of the best dialogues that are expressed effortlessly. As said earlier there could have been a much more detailed form of writing.

Kalindi is considered the main lead and other characters are exposed gradually.

  • Cast Performance Review:

The best performance as an actress would go to Kareena Kapoor and her character is self-introspecting with respect to marriage. A very clingy love searching girl, Sonam Kapoor gives some comedy moments in the film.

Shikha effortlessly emotes her role very well whereas Swara is quite bold and brazen which includes the perfect mix of funny, crazy and rich girl moments.

The background score for the songs Tareefan and Bhangra Ta Sajda is quite good and eases the moods for the moments.

It is a decent film with a one-time watch and will definitely attract all the younger generations.

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